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11:53 PM
What I am working on:
So you all have an idea on what I am focused on right now, I am trying to remember and redo the dissent information.  I have all but finished the Open season stuff (stats for ships and techs are compleated). I am currently also looking at starting the first of two fast site wide sims.
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6 Divebomber311  
Dissent information is up and ready to roll. Also I forsee us starting the First site wide sim soon. Faction leaders be ready!

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5 Divebomber311  
Ground is something that needs worked on. Our old system wasnt that great but it worked. We can probably set up a short training exercise to get you ready to roll.

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4 Rippy  
I was thinking doing some practice fleet / ground battles could be beneficiary, maybe between me and some of the other oldies who are still semi familiar with the system.

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3 Merkillum_Veers  
Is it possible, for me to get a sim to help me with a few of the battle Mechanics? I have actually not been in a battle since joining the MSN site. Just been RP mostly for me.

Also, with land combat, I had some ideas I posted on the OOC somewhere.. I stopped working on it because interest seemed to drop signifigantly. Is it still something that needs work? Or do you have a diffrent Idea all together now?

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2 Rippy  
Site wide sims, yay!

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1 Divebomber311  
i actually just found the dissent info i will be tweaking it a little...

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