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It has been five years since Endor, where the Emperor finally died. However, in the process of that great victory, Admiral Ackbar fell in battle and Mon Mothma was left in a coma. But all was not lost, for a charismatic Bothan admiral took the reigns of power and guided the Alliance through the darkness that followed the loss of their leadership. After several years of hardship and toil, the Rebellion has finally taken and secured Coruscant. With control over Coruscant, they are now the dominant force in the Galaxy.

As time passed, Admiral Varesk Kre'fey began to hand power over to politicians to begin restoring democracy and to allow him to fight the war better. The Rebel Alliance has now become the New Republic and the senate has been reconvened, however Kre'fey still retains the combined power of both the Chief of State and Supreme Commander, as there are still Imperial forces who wish to bring back the glory days of the Empire and a warrior-leader is still needed. With so much work left to do, the New Republic needs commanders and senators dedicated to the cause of freedom and justice. Will you be able to do what is needed to preserve our hard-fought freedom?

As the Declaration of the New Republic states:

"Let the stars sing! Let the planets shout! Let the Republic begin!"

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