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Ok So more information on orbits.
Planatary weapons reach three orbits with the normal weapons and four with the heavies.  (If weapons are mounted on ships or stations they have the same range)
Capital Weapons travel through one orbit and can hit a ship in the next.  (IE Fleet in high orbit fires on and hits a fleet in mid orbit)
Fighter weapons can only hit in the same orbit they are in.  (Fighters in mid orbit can only hit enemies in mid orbit)
Torpedos can traverse all orbits, but are inaccurate at farther ranges.  They lose their ability to track a target after three orbits (This does include Fighter torpedos)
Superweapons can hit anything on the same side of the planet
Fighters can traverse two orbits in one round while capital ships can traverse one
There are 6 sides of a planet to worry about:
Front:  This is the default side of the planet.  Unless you specify where you are you will be assumed to exit on the front side of the planet.  This side tends to be heavier defended then the rest.
Back:  The backside of the planet.  Tends to be defended a little lighter then the others
Left/Right:  These two sides are very similar, just another option for fleets when they attack.
North/South poles:  These two are the more versatile sides of the planet.  Fleets dont tend to attack one of these sides. These orbits have the advantage of being able to target every side of the planet save the opposite pole.
Fleets can orient themselves towards more then one side of the planet.  For example a fleet can exit hyperspace on the frontside of the planet near the south pole.  This means the fleet is low on the front side of the planet.  This allows them to avoid being fired on from the north pole weaponry (standard planetary defense tactics mean putting long range weapons on the poles.)  Remember that if you don't mention that you are closer to one pole then the other you will be thought to be in the center, meaning that both poles weaponry can hit you...not good.
Unless stated otherwise stated fleets and stations are assumed to be on the frontside of the planet and in mid orbit.  you can post otherwise in your factions HQ.
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