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Star Wars : Conflicts
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We just have a few rules that need to be followed.
1. Have Fun.
2. No Power playing or Godmoding. Godmoding / Powerplaying is when you make your character do something that they couldn't possibly do during the course of roleplaying. For example you have a fleet and some one fires 2000 turbolaser batteries at it and you post that all your ship evaded the fire and there was no damage, that is Godmoding. Or if you are in a one on one battle and you consistently don't take damage, that is powerplaying. Or if you have your char beam from one ship to another. That is Star Trek; Get rid of it. Also knowing things that you shouldnt, like a staging point for a fleet where no planet is given, or some how knowing the abilities of a person you just met. Can be considered god moding. Rule of thumb, if you dont think it is plausable, chances are it will be called. Management position on God moding: You get one. The situation will be explained and your questions answered. Then you god mode again you will be removed. If you have questions on if something is god moding, ASK!
3. You must post IC at least twice a week. If you are the leader of a faction, then you must post at least 4 times a week for that faction.
4. Each member can only have a maximum of 5 characters. They must keep them all active or else they will be deleted. Also, no secondary character can be a higher rank then their first character.
5. If you have an issue with a member, please take it up with a management if it cannot be settled. If you have an issue with a member of management, go to another manager to settle the issue. If you have an issue with every manager, you should probably just leave the site.
6. Bios must be approved by management before being used.
7. You cannot kill someone's character without their permission.
8. Faction leaders will assign ranks and positions within the faction.
9. The only cloning technology is for a Manager to use to build up a storyline or to use to get several missions going. No open faction will have cloning technology, even if they control the planets Kamino or Khomm.
10. Rules can be changed at anytime by a majority vote from management.
11. All personal ships will be 100 meters or below without prior management approval.
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