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So you've decided that your strong enough to take the governments of the galaxy on without the support of a government of your own.  Instead you decide to make your own government and take on the major powers.  Congratulations....and Condolances.
The road you have chosen is a hard one.  The Faction you broke away from will want vengence, the opposite faction will either want to help you, or crush you to gain ships and technology. 
Play your cards right and you may become the only major force in the galaxy, play your cards wrong and you will last less time then a broken down droid at a jawa exchange.  Below is the information you need to start out:
Warlords get 5 planets to start out wit:
1 Metropolis (Your capital), 2 Industrial, 1 primitive, and one Basic. 
Your Max fleet limit will be 140 KMs, and you will have all the ships you need to meet that 140 Kms to start out with.  Remember that you pull ships from the faction you break away from, and some ships may be of limits to you.
Warlords get One Month protection, or 10 planetary attacks. What this means is your capital, and original 5 planets will not be able to be attacked until either one month pass, or you attack 10 planets. Any planets you conquer during your protecton period CAN be attacked at any time. 

Warlord Template:
Planets (starting with capital)
Faction: (This is the faction that the Warlord broke from. Can be Imperial, GA, or Neutral. This will determine what ships you will have available. Also if you start Imperial, for example, you will start out at war with the Empire.)
Things to remember:
You don't get all of the techs that your parent faction has, you may be granted one or none, it is up to the faction leader of the faction you are breaking off from. Dissent information will also have an effect on this.  Admin will provide more information to an applying warlord when more options become available.
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