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Star Wars : Conflicts
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Each planet is capable of building its own defenses in addition to supplying ships for fleets. These defenses are usually static and cannot be moved. They fall into the following categories:

Land to Space Defenses – These are defensive weapons, like planetary Ion Cannons, Torpedo Launchers and Turbolaser Cannons that can strike up to the Middle Orbit. Each one of these Defenses takes 1 week to build.

Heavy Planetary Turbolaser Cannons take one month to build but can strike to High Orbit.

Land to Land Defenses – These are defensive weapons that are based on the ground and can only affect vehicles and ships within the atmosphere. They are mostly static and are used as defensive weapons during a ground assault. 10 of these weapons are built a week.

Starfighter Bases – These bases house starfighters either in skyhooks or on the ground. They are usually used to maintain order and to discourage smugglers and pirates from preying on cargo ships, but in a time of war, they are pressed into action to defend the planet. Each Starfighter Base holds 100 fighters, usually 20 Interceptors, 60 Fighters, and 20 Bombers. A Starfighter Base takes 1 month to build.

Shield Generators – These defenses shield the planetary surface from being orbital bombardment. They also prevent ships from making it down to the surface. Most Shield Generators create a protected area that is dome shaped and appears in Low Orbit. Smaller vessels, like landing craft and fighters can move around the edge of the shields and then attack underneath it. Until the shields are down, the planet is protected from assault in space. Each Shield Generator takes 1 month to build and its coverage is for one hemisphere of the planet. The only planet to have full shield coverage is Coruscant. If the shields are up on Coruscant, nothing can get in or our.

Orbital Stations – These are stationary bases in orbit around the planet. Unless otherwise noted, they are all in Middle Orbit. They range from supply depots and service stations to battlestations bristling with weaponry. Most have enough weapons to engage capital warships, shields to defend themselves and many house starfighter squadrons to defend the planet and assets in the system. Some even have the facilities to build starfighters. Each station is built at a rate of 100 meters per day.
Factions can build shipyards.  You have to hold 5 planets to be able to build a 40 km shipyard.  (IE 15 planets you can have 3 shipyards 40km) 3 planets for a 5km shipyard and 2 planets for a 3 km repair yard.
40km shipyards are the most coveted shipyards.  Able to build as many as 10 different ships at one time, or up to 40 kms of ships.
5 KM shipyards can build 5 different ships or 5 kms worth of vessels.

Repair yards can repair 5 different ships, but can not build new ones.
all shipyards can build at a rate of 100 meters a day
repair yards repair at 200 meters a day.
Planet Types and their fleet values:
Ecumopolis - N/A
Metropolis - 50 KM
Large bustling centers of commerce and population.  these tend to be faction capitals.  Produce a great deal of rescources
Industrial - 30  KM
Industrial centers that are beyond the agrigcultural stage.  Capable of fending for themselves.  Yeild a fair amount of rescources
Basic - 20 KM
A newer colony setting up agriculture and trade is essential.  Gives a little Rescources 
Primitive - 10 KM
Just colonized.  Give few rescources.  Needs trade to survive.
Uninhabited - 0
Ready to be colonized.  Getting a colony ship on planet and set up will get the planet to primitive status.
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