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Shadow Hand

The Shadow hand is the first established Dark Jedi alliance. Due to the usually selfish nature of the Dark Jedi, the Shadow Hand has very limited rules unlike the Jedi and the Sith factions. The Shadow Hand consist of Five head members, each representing an appendage of a hand, with their apprentices acting as the nails of each appendage. The Shadow Hand is held together by 5 basic tenants that are meant to keep the Shadow Hand strong, more than to keep the Dark Jedi in line.


It is the goal of the Shadow Hand to allow the most freedom to the Dark Jedi under its banner, with out forcing the Dark Jedi to follow actual rules. Upon entry each Dark Jedi is read the Tenants that hold the Shadow Hand together and keep it strong. These Tenants are as follows.

1. Never dishonor the Shadow Hand.

2. Never betray the Shadow Hand and it's secrets.

3. Never disobey or refuse to carry out an order from a Shadow Hand superior.

4. Never steal the possessions of a Shadow Hand Brother or Shadow Hand Sister.

5. Never kill a Shadow Hand Brother, Shadow Hand Sister, or any member of an ally guild. Unless it is to strengthen the Shadow Hand by destroying the weak links from with in.


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