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1) When posting for an attack you must give a 24 hour OOC notice prior to the attack, you must also give them a minimum of 24 hours time to respond to a battle post.
2) Only 50% of a vessles weaponry can target a single vessel.
3)  When battles occur (Fleet and one on one) everything is done in rounds.  Each round's activities happen at the same time.  So if you are the attacker and destroy one of the defenders ships that ship can still fire until the end of the round.  At the end of the round the damaged is assinged to the ships and the fighters, then the next round starts.
4)  Attackers always go first.
5)  When attacking a planet you must engage the fleet and orbital defenses.  Then you must land troops onto the planet, then the ground battle for control of the planet.
6)  Ion cannons do go through shields (Save planetary shields) It takes 5 times the length of a vessel in ion damage to disable it. 
7)  You can capture an enemy vessel.  You must get troops onto the enemy vessel, then you must take control of the bridge and engineering.  Remember to choose wisely when attacking a ship.  A thermal detonater would tear a nice and large hole in the side of a vessel.  You can not capure a ship by simply having the thread closed.  You must at least make an attempt to take the ship.  If your opponent decides not to post after you've boarded the ship and the thread is closed, you get to keep the ship.  Remember that the defenders have the advantage, but attackers can find ways to make their jobs easier.
8)  If a problem arises between the people in a battle, take all comments to the ooc area.  Try to keep OOC posts in battles to a minimum.  If both parties can't resolve the issue bring in a member of management to help resolve the issue.
9)  No faction can have more then 4 planets attacked at one time.
10)  In fleet battles and in one on one battles, if you go inactive during a battle, your character or ship can be taken prisoner.  You will remain a prisoner until your character/ship is rescued, or a succussful escape attempt is RPed out.  However if you are active and attempting to escape, you can not be a prisoner for over 3 weeks.
11)  when using ship weaponry, heavy weapons fire every other round, while normal weaponry can fire every round.
12) Entering and exiting hyperspace takes one posting round.  So when you enter on your second round, then in your third round you'd be in hyperspace.  Also  You cannot fire in the same post that you enter hyperspace, but you can fire the same round you come out of hyperspace.  Finally gravity well projectors take a round to powerup.  That way a fast thinking captain has the chance to escape.
13)  Fighters in a hanger can not launch and attack in the same round.  it takes a seperate post for them to begin launching.  One you have posted launching the fighters, the next round they are ready to engage. 
14)  Reinforcements arrive based on how far away they are from the battle.  When the ooc post is  made management will post what planets reinforcements can come from and how long it takes to arrive in rounds.  Remember you have to get a message to these planets in order for them to send help.  Once that message is recieved (next round after it is sent) then they can arrive in the time alloted by management.
15)  Ship ramming can be done.  To do so you must state that you intend to ram a ship, and identify which ship you are gong to use, and which one you will target.  This is considered OOC information.  TO ram a ship your vessel has to close the distance between itself and its target.  So if it is three orbits away it will take three rounds.  The damage a ship can do is based on its remaining shield and hull strength.  (take its hull and add its shields and thats the damage it will do.)  IF a ship is enroute to ram another and it is disabled, it can still hit another ship, the other ship will have to move.
16)  You can have up to 5% of your planets total fighters patrolling the outer edges of your system.  This is used as an early detection system.  You can use fighters and interceptor, no bombers.
17)  Bombers have a limit to how many weapons they can deploy at one time.  They can deploy one weapon per weapon pod.  So if they have 5 bomb pods, they can drop 5 bombs in one round.
18)  Bombers take one round to set up an attack run, before they can hit capital ships with their heavy weapons.  So first post is them launching, second post is them setting up an attack run, third post...boom.
19)  Once an ooc notice has been posted for a planet all production stops until the battle is over.  Also no ships, defenses, or troops can be moved to a planet prior to the battle. So if on the third of the month i have a squadron of fighters due to be done tomarrow, but an ooc notice is posted, those fighters wont be done until after the battle (if the faction still has the planet.)  If needed, the planets production will catch up post battle.
20) Unless otherwise posted all fleets and defenses are assu be in mid orbit.  Information can be gathered via scouting the planet by some means.  Otherwise the defenders dont have to give specifics on where things are, but that information should be kept in the factions HQ as ooc information.

Orbit Information
You are in the planets atmosphere and under the shields.  Ships can not enter hypespace nor can they exit hyperspace here.  Only the assualt vehicles and Fighters can enter and exit the atmosphere.  Planetary Tri Trackers (anti fighter defences) can reach this orbit.
Low Orbit:
You are close to the planet, the planetary shields extend to the bottom of low orbit.  Larger ships (1000 meters +) can not enter low orbit for extended periods of time.  or they crash into the planet or the shields having been pulled down by gravity.  Ships larger then 1000 meters can only stay in low orbit for one round before they either have to move to Mid orbit or die.
Mid Orbit:
Standard planetary defenses (non heavies) can reach ships inside this orbit.  You can exit hyperspace here(x1 hyperdrives only).  Orbital and Fleet defenses are here by default.
High Orbit:
The larger planetary weapons can reach this orbit.  You can enter and exit hyperspace from this orbit.  (Ships with X1 hyperdrives can enter hyperspace here)
Outside of Gravity Well:
This is a more open orbit.  Any ship can enter and exit hyperspace here.
Edge of System:
You are outside of the planets gravity well.  You should have no problem entering or exiting hyperspace here.
Edge of Sensor range:
You are outside of the range of planatary sensors.  You can enter or exit hyperspace here without being detected (if the planet has no stations or ships in Mid orbit.)
Outside of system:
Your fairly far from the planet.  You can enter and exit hyperspace here.  Fleets and stations in mid orbit would be unable to detect your presence.

Battle Target points:
Command Tower (Bridge, shield projector domes, or the tower itself)
Ion Reactor (Dorsal Side of Imperial SDs)
Hanger Bays

Reactor Cores
Hanger Bays
Tag Board

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