12:11 PM
Hate what Force Awakens and Last Jedi did to Star Wars?
Check this site out.

6:39 PM
0:17 AM
What All have you changed?
7:54 AM
Its vito here I still check add me va_knight101@hotmail.com on skype

also swcombine.com its a interacrive starwars beowser game relly active message Loucina Al-Muzzum if you want to play ill set ya up, its really fun -vito
3:10 AM
I am still out here. I check back because I always wanted to give this game a real try.
Would be interested in giving it a go again.
6:12 PM
If anyone is interested in getting things going again (probably on a different) site, e-mail me and we can hash out some things and see where we are.
11:21 PM
Hello is is John anyone who is still popping in. I had a minor fiasco that took out my old email and probably the old account with it.
1:06 AM
Wow hey guys
I thought this group had diapered off the gridd years ago, so glad i stumbled upon it
3:36 PM
Damn, I didn't know this site still existed. Starting to get an itch for rping again, just looking at it.
12:40 PM
Why, is it dead? No one remembers this site....
12:39 PM
dead dead...deadeadeadaeadead.
4:03 PM
Site still dead then? I saw John had came on sometime this year..
8:59 PM
So, is this site just a resource site now?
9:16 PM
add me om msn!
7:44 PM
Well, I am guessing this game is dead... I have seen no one post on the boards.. not heard head nor hair of any of the primary GM's or anything...
I am trying to run the game via RPOL.NET, but its a diffrent format, and its hard to convert.
1:44 AM
vito/alex winters /va_knight101@hotmail.com here! woww didnt know yall were still around! i forgot my hotmail password... but email me at kupowinters@gmail.com to get this restarted!
4:15 PM
I was gone for a while, but I think I would like to come back.
0:01 AM
So why has no one posted anything in the OOC? DO people still check?
3:28 AM
About the only thing I need is to have Kulan put on the Roster of the Shadow Hand as Shadow Hand Listener, and to have a DSNT page added along with the rest of the factions in the site menu list.
9:50 PM
Well... I thought everyone had left....
I need my R&D
1:03 AM
ok so I am going to attempt to help out on the site. Give me a few to get things back under control. If you have anything pressing that needs help with let me know within the next few days
1:01 AM
Alright.. so did this like offically die? I mean I havn't seen a post in weeks...
7:12 AM
dudes, I miss msn too. That was the bomb!
6:14 AM
Well, only the emperor can know that.... or possibly the Grand Admiral, who currently is run by the emperor as we do not possess one at present...
4:35 AM
My real big thing is, I need to know what ships he'd have under his command as a commander. What ships would be in his anti-pirate task force.
4:29 AM
Well, make a comment to my site death post. Right now it states Kael is the Admin for approvals. He hasn't been on since Jan 26. Kal made a few approvals. If people want me to mod things, then I shall do my best. But anyhow, ya...
4:18 AM
Like I said, I want Ali'Zarin approved so I can help with the Imperial Remnant getting some activity
4:06 AM
Well, I am going to try and get things moving to some kind of order. Actually use the map that the site has....
3:43 AM
Back on groups I had taken my faction fleet and left the galaxy because out of no where I was getting attacked left and right, plus groups was closing down.
3:42 AM
due look at the post I made in the OOC though. Because I need the active players to give some ideas
3:42 AM
Such as Planet location and relevence for RP purposes... Such as Hoths harsh atmposphere, the Astrois, the fact only a smal precentage is even able to withstand life. I know some of the things is due to open season, due to my quitting, but some of it was just kinda... random
3:41 AM
I can understand that.
3:40 AM
The reason I gave up on my planets (the little RPing that was happining) was due to miscommunications about base defense (Which got cleared up half way through the battle, no biggie) and the lack of Admins answering a few questions about things.
3:39 AM
I missed the real active times, I joined MSN groups towards its end, and helped with this site.... though it took a long while to get up and running
3:37 AM
Ah, yeah I miss msn groups and when Conflicts was active.
3:37 AM
No, around that time I did say I was quitting. Its in the OOC chat as well somewhere sad to say was the title.
I came back because I liked my character and the site, but I quit due to lack of participation and slowness of progress. Thats what my new post talks about
3:35 AM
I just read one of the blogs, and its from the 9th saying that you were quitting. Was that just for Emporer Octavious.
3:31 AM
hey hows it going. Made a new topic in OOC, so take a look..
3:25 AM
Hey Veers
9:30 PM
Hey Kal, long time
5:15 PM
Dang. I'd like to start getting him going.
4:46 PM
I don't think so. I don't know where my 'mod' powers come and go.
2:05 PM
Can you approve my character Ali'Zarin so I can get some posting in with him.
2:04 PM
eh, been alright. Sad that this game is not really going too many places..
1:54 PM
So so, and you
11:03 AM
Hey Lord Zarcaine. Hows it going?
4:48 AM
Hey Veers
3:25 AM
I need an approval so I can get Ali'Zarin posting for the Imperial Remnant
3:10 AM
Looking over the post logs and log ins, Divebomber hasn't been on since the sixth, and hasn't posted since the 26th. Rippy hasn't made a post since the 29th, and was on last on the 12th. Kal, his last post was the 12th, and he was on the 18th.
2:57 AM
Guess the Managers arn't around.... just like the old site.
Good Luck everyone. Sorry for leaving you handing, but it seemed a chore for me to come and write here. I didn't mean to mess anyone up.