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Star Wars : Conflicts
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It had been five years since the Battle of Endor, when Emperor Palpatine died aboard the second Death Star. The surviving Imperials became scattered and disorganized, becoming nothing more than that of warlords in far off sectors that remain loyal to the Imperial cause. There are rumors of a new Emperor, and a rebuilding of Imperial forces.

The Rebel Alliance has since reformed into the New Republic, with newly liberated planets, that once knew only the tyranny of the old Empire. The New Galactic Senate is growing daily, and is once again giving voice to a governing body. The New Republic is continuing its quest to rid the galaxy of the remnants of the Empire.

The Jedi Order in once aging trying to return and restore itself once again as the galaxy’s defender against evil and return balance of the Force. A reemergence of force users is escalating. Some use the power for good, while others feed of of fears and doubt of the weak.

The balance of power with in the galaxy is still unstable, constantly teetering from one extreme to another. Can the remnants of the old Empire reunite, and take back control of the galaxy? Will the New Republic hold fast and finally eradicate the remaining Imperial forces, and their sympathizers? Does the Jedi Order return to greatness, or will the Darkside prove to be too strong for the Light?

That will be up to you. Will you be a battle tested trooper, silver-tongued smuggler, an ice cold bounty hunter? Or will you wield the immeasurable power of the force, or fight aboard mighty capital ships? The fate of the galaxy is in your hands.

The Galaxy is in a state of CONFLICTS

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