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Here is a listing about the Site's management team as well as a little bit of information about them.
Big Three Managers
Another of the orginal three creators of the orinal site.  As a manger he was always one of the go to guys when dealing with member problems and often acted as a mediator between varous arguments between the groups (member to member to manger to manager) on the site.  Often is the cool head of the managment team and if he gets man heads tend to roll.  Has a great passion in ship and fleet design.  In fleet combat was known to kick the bantha fodder out of you but the person had a better shot at winning against him than Steve.  Not known for using any perticular style of combat but prefers smaller ships but highier number of ships in his fleets.  As stated below is the person responible into brining Conflicts one and only true Grand Admiral.
From Divebomber311:  Rob is more then a Brother then a friend.  Our thoughts run closely enough together that it was decided early on that we shouldn't be allowed to run factions together.  His undying loyalty to his friends, family and site, allowed us to do a great deal with the old site.  We will also be able to do the same here.
Divebomber311:  Steve
One of the original three Creators of the original MSN Star Wars Conflicts.  Is known for being quick tempered but fair.  Trys to get all of the facts before making a decision, however tries to get decisions quickly to help members and other managers out.  Is also known for creating devistating weapons and vessels.  Is one of only a few fleet commanders to have an undefeated record.  Is known for using a fast attack method that quickly reduces enemy fleets to rubble.  Was brought into the world of RPing by Rob.
Vipers Opinion of Divebomber:  One of the most loyal and dedicated individuals I have ever known.  We treat each other like family and know each other so well we can finish each others thoughts.  In working with him on the sites I have found no one close to his caliber in tactical/strategic/weapon design skill.  He has very strong site manager skills and great leadership skills.  Without him the orginal site would not have gotten to number one.
Side Managers
Force:  TBA
General:  TBA
Assistant Managers
In real life name : Matt L.
Age : 13
Gender : In the midd- Never mind, male
Personality : I'm generally very friendly; I have gotten to be very good friends with all of the managment of the site after joining early on. After being a dedicated Roleplayer as General Jay Whest, who eventually became CO of the GAG, and Jedi activist I was promoted to Side Manager on the General side of Conflicts. I have always loved Star Wars since seeing the first movie when I was 6 and going on from there. I still remember the good times had with intense lightsaber duels, eventually resulting in my first broken arm! In real life I enjoy hanging out with my friends, reading various genres of books, listening to music, and playing sports, mostly baseball.
I am currently RPing as the Supreme Commander of the GA. I am known as a fierce fleet simmer and an active Force user. I also play Mirialan Jedi Master Fara Offee. I am very approachable for anything you need, and I am very honored to have been promoted to Assistant Manager for a new and better Conflicts than before.
Hope to roleplay with you soon!
~ Matt
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