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This is an area where you can comment on things you would like to see on site.  Note that requesting new members isnt needed since we are all ready working on that.  IF it is at all possible I will do everything i can to add it.  If not i will try to find a solution that is close enough to please everyone.
Views: 2801 | Added by: Divebomber311 | Date: 19-Jan-2011 | Comments (1)

This is where I will update the Dissent status for the factions of the site.  If the factions status gets to be one above where the Populus starts to Riot (5 for the GA and 4 for the Empire) I will send a message to that Factions leader to let them know. All factions start out on a level playing field. Including the Warlord.  Factions after this will start out at a reduced level.
Empire:  7
GA:  7
Emporer Octavious:  7
Views: 7785 | Added by: Divebomber311 | Date: 08-Dec-2010 | Comments (6)

So you all have an idea on what I am focused on right now, I am trying to remember and redo the dissent information.  I have all but finished the Open season stuff (stats for ships and techs are compleated). I am currently also looking at starting the first of two fast site wide sims.
Views: 668 | Added by: Divebomber311 | Date: 06-Dec-2010 | Comments (6)

Ah welcome to conflicts first blog.  As a person who is not an avid blogger this is a new thing for me but i will do my best to make it work out.
As one of the Big Three managers I feel it is my responsibility that the site died.  My absence was long and without explination.  My hope is with this renewed energy, the return of one of the original Conflicts side managers, we will be able to get this site where it once was and will always belong.  On top.
We made the mistake before of launching the site before it was ready.  We will not do that again.  If you are reading this...tell your friends...tell anyone you know who shares your star wars passion.  Get them here.  Help make this site stronger then the old MSN version ever was. 
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