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Tuk Rekat
Mwcw1Date: Tuesday, 06-Apr-2010, 8:59 PM | Message # 1
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Character Name: Tuk Rekat

Age: 115 Standard Years

Gender: Male

Species: Neti

Faction: Jedi Order

Rank: Grand Master (Rippy and I decided on this divebomber)

Personal Ship: Modified Delta-7B Aethersprite-class light interceptor Nature's Song
Length: 8 meters
Crew: Pilot and Q9-series astromech droid
Armament: Laser cannons(4); MG9 proton torpedo launcher(1; holds 20 torpedos)
Shielding: SEAL shielding system

Personal Equipment: Long-handled lightsaber(natural in appearance with vine-like designs on it; orange blade);PAC20 visual wrist comlink; Basic Jedi robes

Personality: Tuk is generally happy and upbeat. He is generally optimistic and calm but will take matters into his own hands if he needs to. He usually doesn't like new technology but he allowed Jedi to modify his starfighter, only enough so he could survive. He also only uses his comlink because his master gave it to him before he died.

Force Powers: Basic Force Powers (Force Jump, Force Push, Force Pull, Force Sense, Force Run (also known as Burst of Speed)
Light Side Powers: Battlemind
Universal Powers: Alter Environment; Breath Control; Force Blind; Precognition; Telepathy; Telekinesis; Affect mind; Cruticorn; Art of Small; Farsight; Force Deflection; Beast Language

Biography: Born on the Neti colony of Ryyk, Tuk Rekat was strong with the Force. At a young age he developed the ability to read minds and he could talk to animals. This helped him survive in the rainforests he frequently traveled. He spent most of his time in these rainforests developing his powers of the Force and his shapeshifting abilities all Neti have.

At the age of 5, his parents decided to call the Jedi. The Jedi master they sent tested him and said he was highly attuned in the Force and should come with her and train as a Jedi. His parents agreed to this immidiately. Tuk then trained as a consular. He trained in natural abilities and explored many forested lands. He and his Master went on many diplomatic missions. Although his Force powers were great, he was lacking in lightsaber skill.

Tuk then trained in the lightsaber form of Makashi. This allowed him to duel with ease. When it came time for his Jedi Trials, this helped him alot. He became a Jedi Knight at the age of 25. He then trained many Padawans.

At the age of 47, after 13 Padawans, Tuk became a Jedi Master. As a Jedi Master Tuk trained the Bear Clan. He helped bring many of them up and become powerful Jedi. Eventually, because Tuk was so well renowned, he was elected to the Council of Masters.

He stayed on this council for 50 years before becoming Grand Master. He became Grand Master when his old Master died in his arms and told him he was ready for greatness. Tuk reorganized the Jedi Order and helped establish them as a well known force. Now Jedi Masters console senators again. Grand Master Tuk Rekat has much more greatness ahead of him.

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Forum » Character Bios » Inactive Bios » Tuk Rekat (Jedi Grand Master)
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