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Lowrook " / Madclaw
KaelDate: Friday, 20-Nov-2009, 6:35 PM | Message # 1
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(as a Jedi Master)

Character Name: Lowrook
Characters Age: 356 Standard Years Old
Gender: Male
Race: Wookie
Faction: Independent – Fallen Jedi
Rank: Previous Jedi Master
Force Powers:

Light Side: Electric Judgment, Combustion , Crucitorn, Force Blinding, Force Absorb , Protection Bubble, Force Healing, Wall of Light, , Force Valor, Force Protection, Force Light, Battle mind, Sever Force
Neutral: Battle meditation, Dopplegänger, Farsight, Force Bellow , Force Subjugate, Force Cloak, Force Deflection, Force Wave, Levitation, Shatterpoint, Telekinesis, Phase, Telepathy

Personal Ship: Braha’tok Class Gunship “Berserker
Manufacturer Dornean Braha'ket Fleetworks Conglomerate
Class Gunship

Technical specifications
Length 90 meters

Armament Double turbolaser cannons (8)
Concussion missile launchers (8)

Crew 20

Personal Equipment: translator vox (in throat), Gold-bladed lightsaber-greatsword (handle is a rancor’s tooth), bowcaster, ryyk blades, speeder bike, holocron

Personality: Lowrook is an individual of extremes. He can be calm and patient, friendly and fun-loving at times and the switch to a bloodthirsty killer succumbing fully to the Berserker rage. He sees very little gray area… it is either black or white. The problem is that his sense of right and wrong has been skewed. He was outcast from the Wookie Society when he used his claws to kill his Imperial Handlers. He was beaten almost to the point of death by the Imperial Slavers. Two personalities inhabit his body, one being the jedi master persona and the other being a berserker, who was driven mad. In either persona, he is a powerful force user.

KaelDate: Friday, 20-Nov-2009, 6:36 PM | Message # 2
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Bio: Lowrook was born on Kashyyyk over 350 years ago, back during the time of the Galactic Republic. At a young age, he was found to be one of the few rare Wookies who had a connection to the Force. He was sent away from his home planet and joined the Jedi Academy and was trained in the ways of the Force. While at the Academy, he excelled in combat and quickly became an Academy Trainer. Within 20 years, he made it up to the Rank of Jedi Master. He was a well respected and formidable member of the Jedi.

That is where his life began to slide downhill. On a mission with his Padawan, a human male named Jentz Montave, they came across a Slaver Ring attacking a settlement, looking for slaves. Rushing to their aid, Lowrook and Jentz surprised the slavers and were able to delay them long enough for the settlers to flee to safety. Then the battle turned ugly. Jentz was overwhelmed and gunned down. Seeing the site of his Padawan dead at his feet, something snapped inside of Lowrook. With a crazed roar, he gave into a Berzerker’s rage, grabbing up his Padawan’s lightsaber and attacked the slavers. Though outnumbered, they were no match for the Wookie. Out of the 120 slavers, he left 16 alive. They finally overcame the great wookie, but instead of killing him, they did something more dishonorable. They made him watch while they carved up his Padawan with his own lightsaber and then shot him repeatedly with stun batons. The last image that he saw was of the lifeless body of his Padawan being torn apart.

When he woke up he found himself in a slave labor camp on some unnamed world with other wookies. Inside he had a rage that he constantly had to keep in check. What he found out, enraged and dismayed him.
When the slavers had stunned him, they froze him in carbonite with his lightsabers. Then they took him back to their hideout and hung in him the great hall for 60 years. Then when the slavers were destroyed by a pirate group, the prize was taken to their hideout and used as decoration. As far as Lowrook could find out, he had been transferred from pirate group to pirate group being used as a wall hanging.

He was finally released when the containment controls were damaged in a firefight at the last base. Slowly, the former Jedi Master was released from his confinement. While recovering, he was taken by the Imperial and moved to a Labor Camp. While there, the Imperials decided to make him a work leader. In order to communicate orders with the Wookies, they implanted him with a translator vox in his neck. His native tongue would be translated into basic for the Imperials to understand.

Still the rage inside of him was hard to control as the Berserker fought to take over. On one day, he lost control after seeing a young female wookie beaten, he attacked his capture, ripping them to pieces with his claws and crushing them with the Force. The small garrison of stormtroopers was no match. He killed them all. He turned to the other wookies and howled in triumph, but none of them responded. They looked at him with a mixture of horror and dismay. They labeled him “Madclaw” and begged him never to soil Kashyyyk by returning.

Distraught, Lowrook made sure that the wookies made it to one of the Imperial ships and made it off planet. He then took control of one of the gunships, which he renamed “Berserker” and went into hiding out on the fringe.
During the Galactic Civil War and the Vong War, Lowrook spent his time as a Vigilante, going from place to place, correcting wrongs and killing pirates, mercs and slavers. His possession of a Holocron had helped him keep his force skills and powers in training. Now he roams the galaxy, looking for a home and a place to fit in.

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