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Mand'alor Cassus Fett
Viper7784Date: Wednesday, 19-Jan-2011, 2:55 PM | Message # 1
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Character Name: Cassus Fett
Characters Age: 42
Gender: Male
Race: Mandalorian
Height: 6’ 2”
Weight: 210
Faction: Mandalorians
Career in faction: Mand’alor
Rank: Mand’alor

Personal Ship: Constable-Class Enforcement Ship Dead Reckoning
Length: 30 Meters
Equipment: X0.5 Hyperdrive, Sensor Masking System
Weapons: 4 Heavy Laser Cannons (front), 1 Twin Blaster Cannon Turret (rear), 2 Heavy Ion Cannons (front), 2 Missile Launchers (front, 8 missiles)

Notes: 2 YVH Droids (1 as copilot, 1 as rear gunner)

Personal Equipment: Death Watch Armor during mission, Mand’alor Ceremonial Armor, Duel Westar 34 Pistols, Mandalorian Standard Rifle, Crush Gauntlets

Personality: Can be cold and calculating. Hates politics but is just good enough to ensure the best possible conditions for his people.

Bio: Named after the great Cassus Fett of the Mandalorian Wars. He grew up like any other Mandalorian which was to become a great solder. He was extremely good at both space and ground combat. He was selected to join the Mandalorian Protectors which was the planetary defense organization. He reached the rank of Lt. Colonel when he was then accepted to the Death Watch which was the unit that was used to combat threats outside Mandalorian boarders or to be used as mercenaries. He rose up to the rank of commanding General of the Death Watch and scored several victories over professional armies to pirates. When Mand’alor Boba Fett finally died from old age Cassus took up the Mand’alor mask with no one objecting he became the new Mand’alor.

Attachments: 0141508.jpg(117.6 Kb)

By the power invested in my torpedos, I now pronounce you DEAD.
RippyDate: Friday, 21-Jan-2011, 2:14 PM | Message # 2
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Forum » Character Bios » Inactive Bios » Mand'alor Cassus Fett
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