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Forum » Character Bios » Approved Bios » Azira Kre'fey (Diplomat, Friend, & Advisor)
Azira Kre'fey
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Character Name: Azira Kre’fey
Character Age: 35
Gender: Female
Race: Bothan
Faction: New Republic
Rank: Ambassador
Personal Ship: T4a Lambda Shuttle
Personal Equipment: Comlink, data pad, blaster pistol
Personality: Loving, calculating, fierce, patient
Bio: A Bothan of stunning beauty and strength, she is the wife of Varesk Kre’fey. She initially joined the Rebel Alliance as a spy operative. When Varesk switched over to fleet command, she was tasked by the Bothan Council and Borsk Fey’lya to spy on him and maneuver Varesk to best serve their needs. What they didn’t count on was the two of them falling in love and her double-crossing them. Upon the Emperor’s death, she joined the Alliance’s diplomatic corps and began traveling across the galaxy trying to sway planets to the Rebel cause. With the conquering of Coruscant and establishment of the New Republic, she has been transferred to the New Republic Diplomatic Corps, still working to bring worlds into the fold. However, she also serves as an unofficial advisor to her husband, the Chief of State/Supreme Commander.

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power...
Forum » Character Bios » Approved Bios » Azira Kre'fey (Diplomat, Friend, & Advisor)
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