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Forum » Character Bios » Approved Bios » Dorion Smooth-eye (REDO) (smuggler)
Dorion Smooth-eye (REDO)
Smooth-eyeDate: Wednesday, 23-Feb-2011, 2:42 AM | Message # 1
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Character Name: Dorion Smooth-eye
Characters Age: 37
Gender: Male
Race: Human: Nar Shadda
Faction: Independent
Career in faction: Galactic Entrepreneur
Personal Ship: Easy Money / Ghotric Freighter Transport
Personal Equipment: Data pad, blaster pistol, credit chip, comlink, glow rod, all temperature cloak, slug thrower (pistol) 12 rounds on hand, stun baton, distortion field emitter

Personality: Dorion is calm, and collective during tense moments. He has a hard time turning down the chance to make a profit. He is also a shrewd businessman, and has an eye for a sucker, and the taste of an aristocrat.

Bio: Dorion was orphaned on Nar Shadda when he was just an infant. A Duro, named Qwix took Dorion in, and raised him as his own son. Qwix was a small time peddler and space merchant. By the time Dorion was 16, he was a well known face in dive bars and cantinas across the outer rim. He took up the reputation for spotting out opportunities to make money buy getting hard to find items. Hence the name smooth-eye came about. At 19 his “father”, Qwix was killed by a bounty hunter for not repaying a debt on lost cargo. Dorion took the now deceased Duro’s Ghotric freighter, and became an entrepreneur. Dorion has been from one side of the galaxy, to the other. He will often host card games, and gambling parties. He is still known as a man that can acquire hard to get items, and for the right price, will smuggle anything. He has had dealings with some of the galaxies dirties, low life, back stabbing hoodlums the galaxy has ever known, and those are just his friends.

Manufacturer Ghtroc Industries

Model Class 720 freighter
Class Light freighter

Technical specifications
Length 35 meters
Maximum speed (atmosphere) 75 MGLT
Hyperdrive rating Class x1.5 , Class x10 backup
Shielding: 50 RU

Hull 110 SBD
29L electromagnetic countermeasures, 220-SIG Tactical Sensor Jamming Device
Armament 2 Quad laser cannon (dorsal, ventral), 2 forward proton torpedo launcher (3 torpedoes each), 1 Ion Cannon (port/rear/ ventral)
Crew 1-3 /
Passengers 6
Cargo capacity 150 metric tons
Consumables 2 months
Other systems 1 escape pod, magnetic docking clamp, all weapons are fire-linked to cockpit.

Attachments: 2760116.jpg (130.4 Kb)

"No, no officer...Trust me, why would I smuggle something illegal into your fine juristiction. Can't we come to some agreement?"
KalThanatosDate: Wednesday, 23-Feb-2011, 8:43 PM | Message # 2
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Forum » Character Bios » Approved Bios » Dorion Smooth-eye (REDO) (smuggler)
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