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Forum » Character Bios » Approved Bios » Ali'Zarin Deamora (wip)
Ali'Zarin Deamora
LordZarcaineDate: Tuesday, 15-Feb-2011, 5:46 AM | Message # 1
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Character Name: Ali'Zarin Deamora

Characters Age: 23

Gender: Male

Race: Bastion

Faction: Imperial Remnant

Career in faction: Imperial Navy

Rank: Commander

Personal Ship:

Class: T4a Lambda Class Shuttle
Length: 20 Meters
Crew: 4
Passengers: 20
Alternate Configuration: 8 in Staterooms
Hull: 25 RU
Shield: 100 SBD
Speed: 67 MGLT
Equipment: Personnel Tractor Beam, HoloNet transceiver
Cargo Bay: Capable of holding 120 metric Tons
Hyperdrive: Class 1 Hyperdrive

Steerable forward twin Taim & Bak KX5 laser cannons (2)
Taim & Bak GA-60s twin laser cannons (2)
Aft retractable ArMek R-T0 twin blaster cannon (1)

Description: The Lambda-class T-4a shuttle was a standard light utility craft in common use throughout the Imperial military as a transport for troops and high-ranking individuals.

Personal Equipment:

Imperial Remnant Officers Uniform
Imperial Remnant Officers Rank Cylinder
Model 22T4 Hold-out Blaster Pistol
Identity Chip
Credit Chip

Cold, Serious, Stern, all worlds used by many people who have met Ali'Zarin. Yet they always ended up seeing the reason behind why he was always like this. He grew up in a world where being serious and cold was the only way you could survive. Although he had a rich upbringing, he was always looked down upon as the black sheep in the family merely because he didnt agree with how the family did bussiness. His cold deminor towards people was what let him survive his family's ridicule, and what lead him to his many different jobs.

Bio: Ali'Zarin's past has been blocked out for his own safety and to prevent the enemy from knowing that he even exist. His personal records show only what the higher ranking officers with in the Imperial Remnant want to show. The few bits of information that are available on Ali'Zarin is the fact that he was born on Bastion, his apparent age is 23 and that he is an officer in the Imperial Navy. Beyond that nothing else is known, no mention of family or training is present. This has made a ghost with in the Imperial Navy ranks. A Commander who can take action while allowing the Imperial Remnant to claim plausible deniability from any and all actions taken.

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KalThanatosDate: Tuesday, 22-Feb-2011, 11:01 PM | Message # 2
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Forum » Character Bios » Approved Bios » Ali'Zarin Deamora (wip)
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