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Reboot R&D
KalThanatosDate: Saturday, 05-Mar-2011, 2:14 PM | Message # 1
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This is to kick things off...

Our new way of doing the R&D will be by points. Every R&D I will be giving a certain amount of points that you have to use. For this one, a total of 10 points will be given.

Here is how many points per item that is wanted to be created.

5 Per Tech
2 Per Capital Ship
1 Per Starfighter
.5 Per Ground Vehicle

Now for those that would take like to take advantage of this, a max of 4 Starfighters and a max of 4 Ground Vehicles can be created during this. There is no limit on Tech, seeing as how much each costs and no limit on Capital Ships. The only thing about Capital Ships, is that if one faction puts up too many ships that are small in size, then there will be a limit on them.

Other than that, that is all I can think of right now. Go ahead everyone and begin posting their ideas up. I would like John and Smooth to help me with the approval of everyone's ideas. Then, when it comes time for John's, Smooth and I will look them over.

Merkillum_VeersDate: Saturday, 05-Mar-2011, 2:44 PM | Message # 2
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Alright, by Tech, you mean what precisly?
KalThanatosDate: Saturday, 05-Mar-2011, 2:51 PM | Message # 3
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You can do several things. We normally used them for ships, like adding on a new kind of shielding or a new weapon. I'll see if I can find an example for you.

Here are a few examples:


The planet blasting super weapon of the Empire has been scaled back to a ship based form. Instead of needing a massive station to house this weapon, the more advanced superlaser can be mounted on vessels 3000 meters and above. Taking 4 rounds to charge, this massively powerful weapon is designed to target ships and planets. The weapon can target ships 1000 meters and larger. While it has enough power to destroy nearly any vessel it can not destroy a planet entirely. It can however do massive damage to the planets crust. This weapon can not hold a charge through hyperspace.

Planetary HV cannons:

The massive Hypervelocity cannon fires huge rounds of solid durasteel at near light speeds. These rounds slam into ships and their shields and can do massive damage. Ships 500 meters and larger can be targeted, and most would be obliterated. These come into battle loaded, and takes 3 rounds to reload. There can only be two of these huge weapons on metroplis worlds. They have enough power to reach high orbit.

GA Planetary defense weapon:

Advanced Planetary Ion cannon:
This planetary Ion cannon has had more then its fair share of upgrades. its targeting sensors have been refined, the focusing gasses inside have been refined. This makes the ion cannon capable of hitting nearly any ship with pin point accuracy. This weapon also has had a power upgrade. More efficient power grid makes this weapon more powerful, giving extended range and effectiveness. This weapon can be placed on any GA world save Primitive ones. Limit of two per planet.


I know that you are wanting to go more of a Droid way, so you could always try and create a new AI for them or something along those lines.

Merkillum_VeersDate: Saturday, 05-Mar-2011, 2:57 PM | Message # 4
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Ah, what about things like special Projects, such as my Dark Trooper Project I want to add in, and things like the Night cloak Satallites?

Would all those fall under Tech, or would the three stages of Dark Troopers for example fall under like, ground vechical or infantry?

Also, tech that already exsists, but is no longer used such as Battle Droids and Drodika?

I will return.. I need to go drop something off to my fiancee at work

LordZarcaineDate: Saturday, 05-Mar-2011, 9:37 PM | Message # 5
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I'll be getting up the following for the DSNT and the Shadow Hand. I should have them up soon, if not tonight, then sometime tomorrow or monday.

1 Tech - 5 points
2 Capital Ships - 4 Points
1 Starfighter - 1 Point

Shadow Hand
4 Ground Vehicles - 2 Points
3 Capital Ships - 6 Points
2 Star Fighters - 2 Points

Added (05-Mar-2011, 4:59 PM)
DSNT Reboot R&D

Name: Phoenix Shields
Type: Recharging Shields
Description: The Phoenix shields are designed to boost a ships defenses, as well as provide a secondary line of defense. When a Phoenix shield is struck, it takes in 25% of the damage done to the shields, recharging them by that much. If the Phoenix shields sustain too much damage, they over load and shut down. The downside is that the actual shield generators are massive. Making them unusable on any ship smaller than 1Km in length.

Class: Hound Patrol Cruiser
Length: 500m
Crew: 2500
Troops: 0
Hull: 2,000 RU
Shields: 4,500 SBD
Speed: 56 MGLT
Hanger: 0
Equipment: Class 1 Hyperdrive
Weapons: x4 Heavy Turbolaser Cannons, x12 Ion Cannons, x6 Concussion Missile Launchers
Description: A simple Cruiser designed specifically for Patrolling sectors and systems. It is designed more to disable ships and cripple them for retrieval by other ships. The Hound Cruiser is usually left in sectors and systems and not part of an actual fleet. They make up "Patrol Fleets" usually stationed near key worlds and key tactical points that are needed to be protected.

Class: Titan Support Carrier
Length: 750m
Crew: 6,534
Troops: 2,500
Hull: 6,000 RU
Shields: 10,000 SBD
Speed: 21 MGLT
Hanger: 30 Squadrons
Equipment: Class 1 Hyperdrive, x6 Tractor Beam Projectors
Weapons: x26 Quad Turbolaser Cannons, x20 Dual Turbolaser Cannons, x34 Point Defense Laser Cannons
Description: The Titan Carrier is is designed primarily for supporting Squadrons of fighters in a battle. Most of the ship is allocated for hangers for repairs and carry fighters. When a battle if finished, these Carriers comb the field for any fighters than can be salvaged and use their tractor beams to bring them on board for repairs and reuse. When doing these types of missions, they are often supported by a group of Hound Patrol Cruisers for the protection of the Titan Carriers

Name: Dervish Recon Fighter
Length: 19.8m
Crew: 3
Hull: 80 RU
Shields: 200 SBD
Speed: 110 MGLT
Weapons: x2 Laser Cannons, x1 Heavy Laser Cannon Ball Turret, x6 Proton Torpedoes
Equipment: Class 1 Hyperdrive, High powered Scanners/Sensors
Description: 12 Per Squadron / The Dervish Recon Fighter is designed to jump into systems a head of a fleet with their use of their hyperdrives. Using their high powered Scanners/Sensors, they check the system before jumping back to the fleet and reporting their findings to the fleet. These are used to ensure the fleet is not jumping into an ambush and allow the fleet to know the layout of the system and the amount of ships they are up against before they enter a system.

Added (05-Mar-2011, 9:37 PM)
Shadow Hand Reboot R&D

Class: Dark Side Sphere
Length: 300m Diameter
Crew: 1
Troops: 0
Hull: 50,000 RU
Shields: 100,000 SBD
Speed: 14 MGLT
Hanger: 0
Equipment: Class 1 Hyperdrive
Weapons: x34 Heavy Turbolasers Cannons, x32 Dual Turbolaser Cannons, x64 Point Defense Laser Cannons
Description: Inspired by the old Sith Meditation Sphere's, the Dark Side Sphere is mainly a heavily armored and armed meditation chamber to protect a Dark Jedi Master while they support the fleet. All systems are run through a computer, allowing the Dark Jedi to focus on meditating while the computer system tracks and targets enemy ships and takes movements to ensure the safety of the being inside.

Class: Venator Super Star Destroyer
Length: 5Km
Crew: 164,385
Troops: 2 Regiments
Hull: 225,000 RU
Shields: 350,000 SBD
Speed: 10 MGLT
Hanger: 36 Squadrons
Equipment: Class 1 Hyperdrive, Class 3 Back up Hyperdrive, x12 Tractor Beam Projectors
Weapons: x200 Heavy Turbolaser Cannons, x120 Quad Turbolaser Cannons, x60 Proton Torpedo Tubes, x542 Point defense Laser Cannons, x40 Ion Cannon Batteries
Description: A re-imagination of the old Venator Class Star Destroyer, it is smaller in size when compared to some of the much larger SSD fielded by the Empire and Republic. It serves as a command ship for an entire Fleet, often making them one of the least seen ships. The reason being the cost to both build and maintain such a ship, as well as never fielding it unless needed. When it does go off to war, it leads up to four sector fleets in a single grand armada.

Class: Shadow Star Destroyer
Length: 1600m
Crew: 12,000
Troops: 1 Regiment
Hull: 5000 RU
Shields: 8000 SBD
Speed: 12 MGLT
Hanger: 2 Squadrons
Equipment: Class 1 Hyperdrive, Experimental Cloaking Device (Unreliable)
Weapons: x12 Turbolaser Cannon Batteries, x4 Quad Heavy Turbolaser Cannons
Description: The Shadow SD is a more recent design, seeking to give the Shadow Hand the upper hand of surprise when it battle. Problems have arisen though, as the cloaking device used for the ships has a problem of shorting out, and often not working in some conditions. When they do work, it conceals the ship for up to twelve hours before the cloak fails and exposes the ship.

Name: Tie Shadow
Length: 6.5m
Crew: 1
Hull: 60 RU
Shields: 100 SBD
Speed: 91 MGLT
Weapons: x4 Heavy Laser Cannons
Equipment: ---
Description: 12 Per Squadron / Named for their pitch black color, allowing them to blend in easily in shadows and nearly impossible to see in space.

[Shadow Hand R&D to come - 4 Ground Vehicles, 1 Fighter]

John04Date: Saturday, 05-Mar-2011, 11:45 PM | Message # 6
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To answer your question Merk, the Dark Trooper stages would count as ground vehicles for now while the Orbital Nightcloak would be classified as a tech. As for existing droids...let me sleep on it. I'll post a list tomorrow. I'll also post my R&D tomorrow.

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power...
Merkillum_VeersDate: Sunday, 06-Mar-2011, 8:12 AM | Message # 7
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Wow.. that sucked... I had spent the past hour making up my R&D.. and it closed on me..... sad

Alright, I will get back to that, but first, the stats of Lord Z, all those numbers (for the most part, the Tie Shadow doesn't seem to bad) seem really high. The SH in paticular.. with its sith sphere and SSD. the SSD is half the size of my own, yet has 3x the amount of hull and shields...

Also, with the experimental Cloaking device, would you not have to research that before equiping it to your ship? I dont mean to nitpick, just tryign to keep things fair, thats all.

Merkillum_VeersDate: Sunday, 06-Mar-2011, 8:49 AM | Message # 8
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1 Tech- 5 points
1 Capitol- 2 points
1 Fighter- 1 point
4 Ground- 2 points

Class: Lucrehulk-class battleship Mk2
Length: 3170m
Crew: 350
Troops: Armored Assault Tanks (6250), B1 Battle Droids (over 329.600)
Hull: 40,000
Shields: 100,000
Speed: 4MGLT
Hanger: 150 Squadrons
Equipment: Class 2 Hyperdrive, Class 10 hyperdrive (Back up), BRT Supercomputer, Droid Control Sensors
Weapons: Ring carrier: Point-defense Quad Laser batteries (164), Assault Laser Cannons (472), Quad Turbolasers (48) Core Ship: Point-defense quad laser batteries (21), Assault laser cannons (48),
Description: These hulking ships used during the Clone Wars were a sight to behold. The mainstay of the Trade Federation, they were incredibly durable and hard to take down, requiring small fleets to succeed. However, after the clone wars, the Galactic Empire destroyed most of them, and with the downfall of the Trade Federation, their designs were sold to the black market. Moff Veers purchased the schematics for one, and using his scientists, and the help of the native Genenosians, managed to gather enough to remake these huge warships. However, he modified them slightly, by building into them a enhanced supercomputer that has not been in wide use for almost 200 years. He hopes, with these supercomputers, and the modifications made to them for military uses, that his droid armies will be a better match on the field. The MK2 was also superior in hull design, shield capacity and firepower over the original models. With his enhancements, improved weaponry, and mass amount of fighters, these would put up a fight against even the dreaded Imperial Star Destroyers.

Name: Ginivex-class starfighters (Fanblade Fighters)
Length: 9.3m
Crew: 2
Hull: 50
Shields: 100 (fan closed) 200 (Fans open)
Speed: 135MGLT
Weapons: double Laser Cannons (2) (Fans closed forward firing arc, open, swivel joint)
Equipment: Retractable Fanblades, x1 hyperdrive, ion bafflers. 5 jump navigation system
Description: Another relic of the Clone Wars, this ship was ahead of its time. Enhanced shields, turreted weaponry, and incredibly fast, the Ginivex was only seen a few times during the war, but to devastating effects. Through the help of the Geneosians, who had allied with him, he managed to find the schematics of the ships in their archives. While it has many advantages, such as being near invisible to sensors given its small silhouette, and ion bafflers, when its sails are closed, open, the thing lights up radar panal due to the increased energy output. Also, their costly nature makes them a ship that is not thrown away, and only the most elite pilots get to fly in them.

Message edited by Merkillum_Veers - Sunday, 06-Mar-2011, 11:58 AM
Merkillum_VeersDate: Sunday, 06-Mar-2011, 8:56 AM | Message # 9
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BRT Supercomputer:
Description: Built in 200BBY, these droids were not droids at all, but rather Sentient Artificial Intelligence. Their flawless management of planetary resources, many humanoids saw their jobs vanishing, and anti-droid sentiment grew. Few survived after that, but Moff Veers had managed to get the plans for their construction. He had managed to make a few for some of his planets to manage their resources allowing the populace to ether be more in luxury, or work towards different aspects. However, he upgraded them, to know more about military history, strategy and tactics, and installed them on droid control ships, in an attempt to make his droids armies more formidable, hoping that their flawless management on a planetary scale will also transfer over to better performance in space and land battles.
John04Date: Sunday, 06-Mar-2011, 9:18 AM | Message # 10
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For LordZarcaine: Sith Sphere need to be cut to like a tenth of what you have. Cut the Venator hull/shield stats in half. And Merk is right about the cloaking device. If you want one, then you have to R&D one.

For Merk: We already have a Lucrehulk-class Battleship in the new black market lists so we can call this a Mk II version if you'd like. Give it a speed of 4 MGLT, it wasn't supposed to do a whole lot of moving in battle. For damage purposes, treat the Assault Laser Cannons and Heavy Laser Cannons. Vulture droids would count as starfighters so you'll need to R&D that. Fighter...give it a speed of 135 MGLT. Tech looks fine to me.

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power...
Merkillum_VeersDate: Sunday, 06-Mar-2011, 9:52 AM | Message # 11
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Name: Phase 1 Dark Troopers
Class: Battle Droid
Propulsion: Legs
Crew: N/A
Troops: N/A
Speed: 16km/h
Hull: 50
Shields: none
Weapons: Vibroblade
Equipment: Blast Shield, phrik skeletal frame, small jetpack for speed
Description: The first in the line of Dark Troopers, these Skeleton Droids had their weaknesses, mostly being that their power conduets and such were visable, making prime targets for sharpshooters. Also, their droid brain was very primitive, allowing only the basics of commands, though some where modified to work with control ships in space, making them more formidable. However, with these weaknesses, came strengths, such as its high rate of speed, its blast shield that could repel blaster fire from infantry, and its lightsaber resistant frame and vibrosword. Used to its best effect in instillations, where they can quickly engage targets and hack them to pieces.

Name: Phase 2 Dark Trooper
Class: Battle Droid/Battle Suit
Propulsion: Bipedal Legs
Crew: As Droid, N/A as suit, 1
Troops: N/A
Speed: 32km/h
Hull: 100
Shields: 100
Weapons: Arc Caster, assault Cannon (Plasma Shells and Rockets)
Equipment: Deflector shield, Jetpack, phrik armor
Description: The second stage of the Dark Trooper Project, during the Galactic Civil war, this was what was made the most. Used on their own as battle droids, or given to Stormtroopers as exoskelton armor, they were used to awesome effect against the rebels. However, with the destruction of the ‘Arc Hammer’ The emperor ordered the project scrapped. Moff Veers, however saw the units potental, and had it secretly dug up from Imperial Research archives. The whole project was researched, and now these can be seen in his army, though if they are controlled by a droid brain, or a human one, is something that enemies must consider before engaging.

Name: Phase 3 Dark Trooper
Class: Battle Droid/Bipedal Tank/Exoskeleton
Propulsion: Bipedal Legs
Crew: 0 if Droid, 1 if Skeleton
Troops: N/A
Speed: 24km/h
Hull: 200
Shields: 150
Weapons: Large Assault Cannon, Seeker Rockets x2, Thermal Detonators, Fragmentation Grenades, Concussion Grenades, wrist blasters x2, Plex Rockets tubes
Equipment: Deflector shields, Jetpack, phrik battle armor
Description: The most devastating of the Dark Troopers, the Phase 3 was supposed to be the armor used by Imperial Stormtroopers. Very few were made during the war, and one was said to have been vanquished by a mercenary, leading others to question their battle abilities. However, the battle armor built using a metal called phrik which was said to be near indestructible. Like the Phase 2, this unit could be a droid unit, or armor for a human. Great at taking out tanks and other light and medium vechicles, and decent at taking out infantry.

Alright, that leaves me with one tech open for ground. More then likly, it will ether be for enhanced battle droid units, such as B1 with better droid brains, or the B2, or the Droidika. However, if I am allowed to have Battle Droid units without research (since thats a big plan of mine, and seems a vastly diffrent route everyone else is taking) then I may instead put it into the development of AAT tanks. Guess my first research will be Vulture Droid Fighters once the game gets started...
I will make a few modifications to the BS then, to make it a bit more custom. Actually, looking at the one on the Black Market, mine is vastly diffrent. So I think I will make it a MK 2 type smile

Do I need to come up with some 'stat' based effects for my tech, such as (just an idea I had) due to optimization of planet resources, uping by 25% all planets KM numbers that have a Supercomputer? So for example, a Ecumenopolis would give 93.75 KM of ships rather then 75.... Also, how would calculations for things like battling droids be effected?

Also, I was thinking for the Assault Cannons Having them have damage of Medium Laser Cannons, but the Range of Heavy ones.. (So no recharge rate like Heavy Ones would, but longer range due to the long barrels). Just a thought.

Message edited by Merkillum_Veers - Sunday, 06-Mar-2011, 10:10 AM
John04Date: Sunday, 06-Mar-2011, 10:50 AM | Message # 12
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We'll just say that the assault cannons are standard laser cannons damage wise.

The supercomputer...you don't HAVE to have some 'stat' based effect for it. We'll just have it so that your forces will suffer far less damage when in a system where there's one active. Basically, we'll let you get away with more complicated evasion tactics that we normally wouldn't. The upping of planetary resources strikes me as too much of an advantage. However, there probably should be some sort of drawback to the tech.

Added (06-Mar-2011, 10:44 Am)
Oh and I'll be whipping up a list of battle droids for the black market and it should be up by Tuesday. I can tell you that B1's, B2's, & Droideka's will be on that list so.

I'll also create a list for black market ground vehicles which should be up the same day. AAT's will be on that list too.

Added (06-Mar-2011, 10:45 Am)
Now for my R&D. It will consist of 1 tech, 2 capital ships, & 2 ground vehicles.

Added (06-Mar-2011, 10:46 Am)
Name: CL-3 Anti-Starfighter Cluster Bomb
Description: Developed by Freitech, the CL-3 antistarfighter cluster bomb was one of the more insidious and effective antistarfighter weapons employed by the Rebel Alliance and later the New Republic. These cluster bombs released a burst of shrapnel in the initial detonation, followed by a cloud of magnetized grenades, and were highly effective against the massed, unshielded starfighters employed by the Galactic Empire. Each bomb was also equipped with several low-level EMP grenades that detonate and fry the electrical systems of enemy starfighters and even their astromechs. These weapons were common on Mon Calamari cruisers, but could also be seen on Nebulon-B frigates and CR90 Corellian Corvettes. Each CL-3 consisted of preliminary charges, the main bomb, and a bomb thruster to propel the shrapnel and grenades, breakaway explosive dampeners, and the outer blister shell. One of a group of low-powered, unguided concussion missiles that would rapidly fire in the direction that the starship which carried them was pointing. If a ship changed course while firing the missiles, the missiles that had not been fired yet would change their direction also, instead of seeking out the previous target.
Additional Notes: Uses proximity detonation for damage. Affects targets in same arc. Inflicts 1000 UOD of proximity damage to starfighters & similar targets. Doesn’t affect capital ships. 1 cluster bomb per fifty meters.

Added (06-Mar-2011, 10:47 Am)
((Kal, if you or Smooth-eye have any real objections to this one. Let me know & I'll give you my reasoning.))

Name: Bothan Assault Cruiser
Length: 850 meters
Crew: 1040
Troops: 250
Hull: 4300 RU
Shields: 5600 SBD
Sublight: 20 MGLT
Hangar: 4 Squadrons
Weapons: 24 Hvy Dual Turbolaser Batteries, 20 Turbolaser Batteries, 10 Ion Cannon Batteries, 20 Dual Missile Launchers, 17 Cluster Bombs
Equipment: X1 Hyperdrive, 4 Tractor-Beam Projectors
Description: Designed by Bothan engineers for the purpose of ensuring their place in the New Republic war effort. With Varesk Kre’fey in command of the New Republic, the Bothan government accelerated the plans for the assault cruiser and pushed it into production. It features significantly stronger hull and shield strength compared to the Victory-class Star Destroyer it was meant to replace. Its weapon system were designed around the idea of taking on Imperial-class Star Destroyers and fight them to a standstill. The warship features a far more slender attack profile, allowing it to engage in frontal assaults with little risk to bombardment. It features two hangar bays, one ventral and one dorsal, that allow for rapid launch and recovery of its four starfighter squadrons. The original designs called for rear meditation cabins, but they were removed and the crew quarters were reduced to the absolute smallest possible in order to maximize its weapons systems, which were upgraded to meet the needs of the Galactic Civil War. Cannons were converted to full batteries while the proton torpedo launchers were set so they could carry a variable payload. On the whole, a formidable warship to add to the Republic ranks.

Added (06-Mar-2011, 10:49 Am)
Name: Sojourn-class Support Destroyer
Length: 300 meters
Crew: 173
Troops: 15
Hull: 1500 RU
Shields: 2850 SBD
Sublight: 25 MGLT
Hangar: 1 Squadron, 2 Auxiliary Craft
Weapons: 8 Turbolaser Batteries, 6 Ion Cannons, 14 Quad Laser Cannons, 4 Dual Missile Tubes, 6 Cluster Bombs
Equipment: X1 Hyperdrive, 1 Tractor-Beam Projector
Description: Based off of the Hammerhead-class cruiser from the Old Republic during the Jedi Civil War. The Hammerhead acted as the mainline warship of the Old Republic Navy of thousands of years, and it was felt that a new, compact frontline warship was needed again for the New Republic. The designs were pulled out of ancient archives and the design was brought up to modern expectations. It now acts as a screening vessel for the heavier warships in the New Republic Navy.

Added (06-Mar-2011, 10:50 Am)
Name: 530 Battle Platform
Class: Heavy Assault Vehicle
Propulsion: Repulsorlift
Crew: 12
Troops: 18
Speed: 50 kph
Hull: 200 RU
Shields: 450 SBD
Weapons: 6 Dual Light Turbolaser Cannons, 8 Laser Cannons, 10 Blaster Cannon Turrets, 5 Proton Torpedo Tubes
Equipment: none
Description: Built off the legendary Gargantuan used by Garm Bel Iblis during the early days of the Galactic Civil War, this unit was designed with mass production in mind, including the addition of five torpedo tubes to counter against enemy aerial attacks and for ranged bombardment.

Name: V-Wing Airspeeder
Class: Airspeeder
Propulsion: Ion Engine
Crew: 1
Troops: none
Speed: 1000 kph
Hull: 25 RU
Shields: 35 SBD
Weapons: 2 Blaster Cannons, 1 Missile Launcher (variable payload)
Equipment: scramjet
Description: Built as the replacement for the T-47 airspeeder, the V-Wing serves as the ultimate aerial assault vehicle in the New Republic arsenal.

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power...
Merkillum_VeersDate: Sunday, 06-Mar-2011, 11:01 AM | Message # 13
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Ah alright... so they are all black market tech. would make sense, seeing as there are probably some in service in various areas around the galaxy. That means I just have one tech slot open for something else then. Need to think about it.... probably some form of Long Range Artillery....

Well, I was just throwing a stat based idea out there, since I wasn't sure. Just having it as a advantage would be fine. Was just trying to think of a non military application for it. As for a drawback, the only one it seemed to have was being TOO perfect, and putting people outta work... but Veers would ither have those people join the military, work in different areas. Again its a story thing.... Oh, and it can't be installed on a planet that isn't industrial or higher, with one exception (Hoth was going to have one being my primary research facility.) On a planet smaller then that it wouldn't have enough to manage.

One tech I will be attempting at a later date, is BRT miniturization, so that I can produce them and place them in actual figher units, independent of the droid ship. But, thats later smile

On that note, how many 'research points' are we getting a month? Or was the point idea just for inital development, and RP will replace it?

Message edited by Merkillum_Veers - Sunday, 06-Mar-2011, 11:06 AM
John04Date: Sunday, 06-Mar-2011, 11:47 AM | Message # 14
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The plan is to give each faction 5 R&D points a month. It won't replace R&D sessions, just augment them and allow each faction to go in its own direction.

I say that the tech will have a military application. I really can't see resources going up just because a supercomputer takes over. We could have it that you're forces are able to evade...say 20% of all incoming damage by default. You could also evade damage with tactics and such but you would be able to dodge a minimum of 20%. That would be substantial.

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power...
Merkillum_VeersDate: Sunday, 06-Mar-2011, 12:02 PM | Message # 15
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Well, the original computers were used in planetary managment.... automating loads of things and bing hihgly efficent at it.

However, I can go with the military applications allowing swifter reaction times for droid fighters, and improved capacity for strategy. But I won't complain smile

so 5 a month... with proper RP. So I could make my vulture droid fighters, another capitol starship, and perhaps some imperial walker tech :P

Alright. Sounds good, so I am just waiting full approval on my Ships and Tech, and I got one point left over for another vechical.... going to make that now and post it up in a moment.

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