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Forum » Character Bios » Submitted Bios » Jak Merston (Galactic Alliance Intelligence Agent)
Jak Merston
JakDate: Saturday, 12-Feb-2011, 6:11 AM | Message # 1
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Name: Jak Merston
Alias: Jak
Age: 32 years old.
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 220 lbs.
Eye color: brown
Skin color: white
Hair color: brown
Body build: average
Personality: is high on sacrasm, and speaks in an accent that very few have. He is a mild-mannered man.

Homeworld: Onderon
Race: Human
Parents: deceased
Siblings: none
Wife: none
Children: none
Language: Galactic Basic, Huttese, Bocce, and Binary.
Affiliation/Occupation: Galactic Alliance Intelligence Agent
Ship: YT-1300 light freighter
Weapons: DL-44 heavy blaster pistol, combat knife
Attire: various attire
Crew: Mira Naeva (partner)
Force Sensitive: no

History: Jak was born on Onderon sometime after Battle of Endor. He was raised by his middle-class parents. His father was a cop on Onderon and his mother was a housewife. Jak never liked school, but he would always attend classes because his mother encouraged him to and that he knows some of the subjects would eventually be put to a use. However, there was only one subject he liked at school and that was history. That was the only reason he was able to tolerate and graduated. Jak wanted to become a cop just like his father, and that fire was fueled when his father was murdered by a drug lord shortly after the high school graduation. However, he also wanted an adventure. For that, he knew he’d need to study several languages. The young man decided to apply for Mrlsst Center for Linguistic Studies, the center usually trained for ambassadors and merchants. After he completed the higher learning for three years, he went back to Onderon and become a cop in their planetary force for three years. In that time, he did all of the things a cop would do. He would pull over a speeder and gives him a ticket, to tracking down a drug lord that killed his father. After his time on Onderon, he transferred to CorSec (Corellian Security Force). Jak did the same thing for another three years. He liked being on Corellia, it was such an enriching experience but he felt he wanted to transfer to somewhere else yet again. This time around, he transferred to CSF (Coruscant Security Force). He stayed there for four years, liking the experience of being on Coruscant but he felt it wasn’t challenging enough. Jak decided to apply to Galactic Alliance Intelligence, and he was accepted about a year ago. During this tenure, he had purchased a YT-1300 light freighter and a DL-44 heavy blaster pistol. The combat knife was given to him by his father, just as his grandfather had passed down to his father. Jak had worked hard to get a partner in the Galactic Alliance, and it wasn’t until recent that the GAI had granted his wish. He had partnered up with a beautiful woman by the name of Mira Naeva. They would travel all over the galaxy, doing whatever they were supposed or not supposed to do…

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Forum » Character Bios » Submitted Bios » Jak Merston (Galactic Alliance Intelligence Agent)
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