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Members of the New Imperium.
Merkillum_VeersDate: Thursday, 27-Jan-2011, 4:21 AM | Message # 1
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Character Name: Marvin Morthok

Characters Age: 45

Gender: Male

Race: Human (Cardia)

Faction: Imperium

Career in faction: Squadron Leader

Rank: Commader of the Imperial Fist

Personal Ship: Custom Tie Phantom

Personal Equipment: Flight Suit, Code Cylinders, hold out blaster.

Personality: Cheeful and light hearted, he is a man that fears nothing, and takes everything with a smile. Enjoys his life and his job, and has proven to be the best at it. Usually seen relaxing with his wing, the Vipers Claw, he enjoys a good drink, and a friendly brawl.

Bio: Born on Cardia, he was an average Imperial Citizen. He did not care much for the Emperor, but, did like the Empire as a whole. The one thing he excelled at, however, was piloting. Upon Adult hood, he joined the Imperial Navy, and signed up to be 'one of the best'. A TIE Fighter Pilot. After going to teh naval academy for training, he showed remarkable skill in using the Tie to its fullest. After several battled with rebels and pirates, he was granted a promotion, and inducted into the elite 128th Tie interceptor Squadron.

After a few years of missions, he had accrued a staggering 85 confirmed kills. It was during this time, he was asked to join in on a secret project. Him and his wing, The Vipers Claw, were given a new Tie model, the TIE Phantom. These ships were unlike anything he had piloted. Agile as an Inteceptor, powerful as a defender, AND had a cloaking device on board. His first mission with his wing was a success, killing over 40 fighters without a single loss.

On the onset of the Vong War, they proved invaluble to taking out the Vong ships, though, the one weakness his wing found, was the inability to take on light cruisers. So, with some help from General Veers, who had reached the Rank of Moff shortly after, he was able to design a bombing module to the defender, without taking away from speed or manuverability. Again, during a battle, his wing appered, now with bombs struck a Vong cruiser, and then vanished, doing this several times.

They were also used to hyperspace to nearby systems, and subjugate or destory defenses. After the Vong war, he had become close to Grand Moff Veers, oweing him the modifications. However, during a drunken stupor, Marvin ranted about the loss of power because of inept commanders. Run by politicans and thieves. Grand Moff Veers smiled, and then stated an alternative. There was a force far out on the fringe, that would be a perfect place. Good military leadership, good promotion benefits. At first Marvin was confused, however later that day, after he sobered up some, he realized what Veers was saying. A splinter faction. He thought on it, and discussed it with his wing. The wing was rather fond on the idea, due to them not having recieved a promotion since the days of Thrawn. So, late at night, they took their ships, cloaked, and were gone.

Since that day, Marvin has come to realize, that Grand Moff Veers WAS the emperor of this new Imperium. This had made him laugh, and he has been on Exocron ever since, waiting for the day that his force will be unleashed upon the galaxy once more.

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Forum » Character Bios » Submitted Bios » Members of the New Imperium.
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