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Into the Lion's Den
John04Date: Sunday, 13-Feb-2011, 11:14 AM | Message # 1
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Aeon sat at the controls of his YT-2400 frieighter as it exited hyperspace high over the planet Mandalore. It had been six long years since he had been to the rugged planet. Now he was back, this time to learn about the recent rearmament of the Mandalorians. He had made several friends in the past and now it was time to call on one of them. While he slightly nervous about being a Jedi in the middle of anti-Jedi territory, he knew that his nervousness was unfounded. He owned his ship independantly; it wasn't registered to the order plus it had a number of false identifications that should keep himself. Aeon took a deep breath and keyed the comm.

"Mandalore Control, this is independant freighter Blade of Eshan. Requesting permission to land at Keldabe."
Meanwhile, on the far side of the planet a small VCX-700 heavy courier exited hyperspace and began a slow move towards the planet. In the cockpit of the freighter stood Wagrilat behind the pilot, Wraith Twelve. Wraith Twelve was a Givin male named Vyrr Alaran. He was the squadron's tactical coordinator, as well as an emergency navicomputer. Wagrilat leaned forward and chirped, "Nice job Vyrr. Now take us in nicely. If we get pinged, use our cover story." Vyrr nodded, "You got it Kettch." Kettch left the cockpit and entered the main hold of the ship. The interior had been gutted and room was made for all of Wraith Squadron and their equipment. In the hold he saw Wraiths Two, Three, Five, Six, Nine, and Eleven going over their equipment and engaging in banter. The rest of the squadron were manning the various guns on the ship, just in case they needed to bug out.

Kettch cleared his throat and said, "Listen up Wraiths. We have a job to do, so let's go over the mission again. We are to get down to the planet, locate their mining operations, the facilities they use to refine their iron, the bases used to build armor and fighters. Once we locate them, we are to make note of the locations so if necessary commandos can come in later and blow them sky high. As a secondary objective, we are to try and steal at least one Mandalorian starfighter and return it to GA territory. Yes Wraith Five?"

Wraith Five, a Shistavanen male named Shaarul Rhesk, leaned forward and asked, "Will we be blowing anything up?" Kettch chuckled. Wraith Five was the demolitions expert and had a tendancy to overdo it when explosions were involved. "Hopefully no. This is recon. We've managed to acquire a pair of Mandalorion armor. Since Wraiths Nine and Eleven are our infiltration experts, they'll be wearing them and interacting with the local populations. The rest of us will be conducting recon with a little bit more stealth. Remember, the Mandalorians have a wide stretch of skill sets. It's so wide that it makes our skill sets look pitiful. Take nothing for granted or you'll get yourself killed. Understood? Good, then let's get prepped and ready to move out." The other Wraiths smiled and said, "Yub yub, Sir!" Kettch walked away shaking his head and muttering, "Idiots..."

- tag viper -

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power...

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Forum » Mission Sims » Mission Simming » Into the Lion's Den (Time to visit and old friend, and gather intelligence.)
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