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Stealing Apatros
Smooth-eyeDate: Friday, 18-Feb-2011, 8:18 PM | Message # 1
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Dorion made sure all sensors and weapons were online, and operating at 100% efficency. As Dorion pushed the twin hyperdrive throttles forward, starlines returned back to stars. He was in high orbit, mid equator. The orange colored star that the moon-sized planet orbited gave off an almost eerie aura across the entire system. Below lay the barren, rocky land of the planet Apatros. Dorion looked at the scaners to evaluate defenses. He switch on the comm, "Planet Apatros, this is the tramp freighter Easy Money, registry Nar Shadda. I wish to speak with your planetary magistrate about the purchasing of mined goods. Over."

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Added (10-Feb-2011, 9:53 PM)
No response came from Apatros. Dorion continued scanning the planet below, looking for defenses. "Hmm, this is interesting," responded the old spacer to himself. "I guess I better send these scsans to Cassuss Fett ." Dorion send a message to Cassus. 'At Apatros. No response from surface. Completed scan. Planetary defenses: 1 planetary shield
1 starfighter base 1 planet to space weapon 10 planet to planet weapons 1 troop barracks. NO DEFENSE FLEET.'

Added (12-Feb-2011, 7:59 Am)
DOrion throttled up his sublight engines and screamed through the atmosphere. As he reached the landing pads of Apatros City, chose an empty pad, and set down the Ghotric freighter. Dorion put on his holster, and turned to the galactic news frequency. HEe decided to bide his time, hopefully Fett would arrive soon, if not, Dorion would make an attempt to smooth talk his way into control of the small planet

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24 HOUR NOTICE OF INVASION/TAKE OVER...hopefully the latter, and not the former.

Added (13-Feb-2011, 8:20 Am)
Dorion watched and listened to the holo news about a battle taking place over Hoth. DOrion switched off the net, and lowered the boarding ramp. "Let's get this over with'" stated Dorion to himself as he light a cigar and walked to the administration building. He passed a few people on his walk. Noone seemed to be paying much attention to him. As he entered the complex, he found his way to the Planet Administrators office. A young secretary sat outside, but Dorion kept walking. "Lord Octavius sent me personally. I'm not scheduled, that would ruin a supride inspection, now wouldn't it?" Dorion walked into the office and closed the door behind him. "Mr. Administrator, you've been fired. I am your replacement. Lord Octavius is willing to let you leave with a generous bereavement package of two hundred thousand credits, if you go quietly. He does not wish to interupt production anymore that what you have already done with your poor logistics skills. You are thirty-two percent down from what is quoted. We have a war knocking on our door, Hoth is already under assault, and you sit here behind this large desk, dooling and trying to get into your young secretaties pants. She has filed multiple harrassment charges against you. Your sir, are a H.R. disaster. There are also reports of you laundering credits. Millions! Be grateful his Lodrship is only firing you, and not terminating you." Dorion blew a large cloud of smoke into the face of the administrator.

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Dorion noticed the Administrator was speechless, and had turned a pasty white color. Dorion flicked a switch, and spoke, "Effective immediately, the planet of Apatros, and all mining operations now fall under my juristicion. Administrator Cully has been relieved of duty due to personal conduct infringements, and illegal laundering of funds. Until his accomplises can be found, I have orered the planet on lockdown. This planet, is to be placed under realignment, so to help pay for the war funding effort against the Galactic Alliance. This will halt any hostile take over by the Galactic military machine, saving not only all your jobs, income, and safety, but gives you the chance to each receive a stock option with the mining gross product.

Added (15-Feb-2011, 9:55 PM)
Dorion switched off the intercom, as the door to the office opened. A large uniformed Trandosian male, and a verpine stood before him. The Verpine stepped forward and spoke, while taking notice of the former administrator crouch on the floor crying. "I am V'lit, the Chief of Mining Operations, and this is Colonel Hrossk, Commander of The Apatros Defense Brigade. We thought for sure this was some scam, and have 20 armed soldiers in the hall, but seeing this pathetic fool on the floor confirms your story. You did say something about stock options, right?" Dorion offered his hand to them both. After handshakes were accepted, Dorion sat down behind the large, ornate desk and took a long draw on his trandosian cigar. "Thank-you for coming so promptly. Time is money gentlemen, and stock options are, well, optional. General Hroosk, could you please dispose of this wimpering coward?" Hroosk pulled out a disrupter and squeezed the trigger. The crying stopped. "Also, please have all offworld communications ceased, and triangulated to their point of origin. Mr. V'lit, you are now Director of Planetary Operations. All mining communications and commerce is now your responsibility. General Hroosk, you are now in command of all security, customs and defensive troops. Anything either of you need, let me know. I also would like a tour of the mining facilities, and introduction to the troops. I am the President of the Galactic Trade Union Dorion Smooth-eye, and now CEO of the Independent Mining Company. Follow my lead, and you two will be filthy rich." Both verpine and trandosian smiled, and nodded their head in agreement.

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Dorion finished his troop inspection with General Hrossk, then was given a tour of the mining facilities with Director of Planetary Operations V'lit. Once back into his office, he called his secretary to join him to go over some new ideas, and protocol changes. The young twi'lek female sat in a chair on the opposite side of his desk. After several hours of conversing, and note taking she was excused, but before she exited Dorion asked, "One more thing Miss Phoxx, do you know anyone that may be able to aquire hard to get items?" The secretary said without hesitation, "Tresk Dza’bar, the trick is finding him. I'll see what I can do, my uncle is here loading up with a shipment to Nar Shadda. I'll put a bug in his ear sir." The door slid closed and Dorion placed his feet on his desk and put out the cigar while holding a data pad that showed the days production goals.

Added (16-Feb-2011, 11:03 PM)
pending manager approval, I'd like to lay claim to Apatros

Planetary defenses: 1 planetary shield 1 starfighter base 1 planet to space weapon 10 planet to planet weapons 1 troop barracks

Added (18-Feb-2011, 8:14 PM)
Dorion figured he would be here for a while, so he ordered some modifications to be made to his personal craft.

Added (18-Feb-2011, 8:18 PM)
and gave the order to begin construction of a shipyard. He would not hace his assets left defensless.

"No, no officer...Trust me, why would I smuggle something illegal into your fine juristiction. Can't we come to some agreement?"

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