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New Imperium Starfighters
KalThanatosDate: Sunday, 27-Feb-2011, 9:44 PM | Message # 1
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Class Guard Class Tie Intercepter
Length 10 Meters
Crew 1 Pilot
Hull 35 RU
Shields 140 SBD
Speed 175 MGLT
Equipment Small X1 Hyperdrive (2 Sets of Coordinates)
Weapons 4 Heavy Lasers, 2 General Purpose Launchers (6 Missiles/Torpedos)

Name TIE Defender
Length 10 Meters
Crew 1
Hull 50 RU
Shields 150 SBD
Speed 190 MGLT
Equipment x1 Hyperdrive, 1 Tractor Beam Projector
Weapons 4 Heavy Laser Cannons, 2 Heavy Ion Cannons, 2 Projectile Launchers (12 Missiles, 8 Torpedos)

Name: TIE Phantom
Length: 13 Meters
Crew: 1
Shields: 130
Speed: 180
Equipment: Small Hyperdrive, Cloaking Device
Weapons: 3 Wing Tip Laser Cannons, 2 Chin Mounted Modular Weapon Pods
Discription: Using Stygium Cloaking Crystals, this is the rarest Starfighter in the Fleet. Production Finished shortly after the Battle of Hoth, and while in mass battle, they remain untested due to a Rebel strike team that destroyed the factory and fleet of these fighters, the design survived and was discovered by the Moff Veers shortly after the battle of Endor. Ultimate in Fighter design, it is near impossible to mass produce.

Class TIE Bomber
Length 7.8 Meters
Crew 1
Hull 50 RU
Shields 0 SBD
Speed 80 MGLT
Equipment None
Weapons 2 Laser Cannons, 1 Proton Torpedo Launcher, 2 Concussion Missile Launcher
Description Bomb Bay Holds 8 Proton Bombs or 6 Orbital Mines or 64 Thermal Detonators

Class TIE Fighter
Length 6.3 Meters
Crew 1
Hull 15 RU
Shields 50 SBD
Speed 100 MGLT
Equipment None
Weapons 2 Laser Cannons

Merkillum_VeersDate: Sunday, 06-Mar-2011, 10:33 AM | Message # 2
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The listing of Fighters and what catagory they are under.
Special Class is a grade reserved for the best of the best. Hero Units as it were... and as such, very limited number of them. More for story and such then true battle statistics...
Special- TIE Phantom
Elite- TIE Defender, Ginivex
Veteran-TIE Interceptor
General - TIE Fighter, TIE Bomber

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Merkillum_VeersDate: Wednesday, 09-Mar-2011, 7:13 PM | Message # 3
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Name: Ginivex-class starfighters (Fanblade Fighters)
Length: 9.3m
Crew: 2
Hull: 50
Shields: 100 (fan closed) 200 (Fans open)
Speed: 135MGLT
Weapons: double Laser Cannons (2) (Fans closed forward firing arc, open, swivel joint)
Equipment: Retractable Fanblades, x1 hyperdrive, ion bafflers. 5 jump navigation system
Description: Another relic of the Clone Wars, this ship was ahead of its time. Enhanced shields, turreted weaponry, and incredibly fast, the Ginivex was only seen a few times during the war, but to devastating effects. Through the help of the Geneosians, who had allied with him, he managed to find the schematics of the ships in their archives. While it has many advantages, such as being near invisible to sensors given its small silhouette, and ion bafflers, when its sails are closed, open, the thing lights up radar panal due to the increased energy output. Also, their costly nature makes them a ship that is not thrown away, and only the most elite pilots get to fly in them.
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