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DSNT Ground Vehicles
LordZarcaineDate: Tuesday, 01-Mar-2011, 3:05 AM | Message # 1
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Name: Taun-Taun Walker
Class: Infantry Support Walker
Propulsion: Bi-Pedal movement
Crew: 1
Troops: none
Speed: 50 kph (Over flat terrain)
Hull: 80 RU
Shields: 50 SBD
Weapons: x2 Anti-Personal Laser Cannons, x2 Medium Laser Cannons, x30 Concussion Missiles
Equipment: none
Description: An Infantry Support walker that is armed for not only Anti-Personal defense, but for also dealing with light and medium vehicles. Often the jerky movement of these walkers remind those that watch of the same movements of the Taun-Taun, leading to its name after it was produced.

Name: Titan Walker
Class: Medium Assault Walker
Propulsion: Bi-Pedal Movement
Crew: 1
Troops: none
Speed: 60 kph (Over flat Terrain)
Hull: 140 RU, 200 RU Full length arm mounted Body Shield
Shields: 180 SBD
Weapons: x1 Hand held Heavy Laser Cannon, x3 Anti-Personal Laser Cannons
Equipment: none
Description: The Titan walker is a Medium Assault walker that is called in when the ground forces need either a vehicle or building moved out of their way. While the Titan walker has less weapons than the Taun-Taun walker, it makes up for it with the use of a Heavy Laser Cannon, offering it more destructive fire power to get the job done.

Name: Heavy Titan Walker
Class: Heavy Assault Walker
Propulsion: Bi-pedal walker
Crew: 2
Troops: none
Speed: 50 kph (Over Flat terrain)
Hull: 280 RU, 400 RU Full length arm mounted body shield
Shields: 480 SBD
Weapons: x1 Hand held Heavy Turbolaser Cannon, x4 Anti-Personal Laser Cannons, x2 Laser Cannons, x12 Concussion Missiles
Equipment: none
Description: Built after the Titan Walker, the Heavy Titan Walker was designed with the single purpose of destruction. It is more heavily armored than its predecessor, as well as equipped with better shields. Its weapons are heavier and were chosen to ensure maximum destruction when called in. It is a favorite of troops to just sit back and watch a Heavy Titan Walker decimate an enemy with its weapons while it clears out a path.

Name: Shadow Artillery Walker
Class: Heavy Artillery Walker
Propulsion: Bi-pedal movement
Crew: 2
Troops: 0
Speed: 45 kph (over flat terrain)
Hull: 320 RU
Shields: 390 SBD
Weapons: x1 Hand held Dual Medium Turbolaser Cannon, x2 Anti-Personal Laser Cannons, x72 Concussion Missiles (In 8 covered Missile pods)
Equipment: none
Description: These walkers are held back from the main fray, kept out of the enemies sight and given the nick name "Shadow Artillery." they are seldom seen by the enemy. When called on, they drop a blistering barrage of missiles to level an area of resistance and allow their allies to push forward.

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