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Looking for Easy Money
Smooth-eyeDate: Wednesday, 19-Jan-2011, 8:53 PM | Message # 1
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[color=blue]Dorion landed the old Ghotric freighter in the Correlian spaceport, locked up the ship, and made his was to his favorite watering hole. Upon entering he took a small booth against a windowless wall and flagged down a cocktail waitress. "Correlian whiskey, rocks, and some Deveronian preztel sticks please." It was nice to be back from his extened hiatus out in wild space, and the outer fragments of the outer rim. Now all he needed was some easy money...[color=blue]

Added (17-Jan-2011, 8:20 PM)
Dorion got up, left a nice tip for the waitress, and headed back to the spaceport. As he made his way to his vessel, Dorion decided his best bet to make some quick cash was to score a spice run to Corusacant.

*tag any*...or I'll keep going

Added (18-Jan-2011, 8:35 PM)
Dorion ran into an old aquaintance, from the old casino days. A verpine known as Akk-ur, and also known by very few as a spice runner. After an hour of talking onboard the Easy Money, Dorion agreed on a shipment, and a job on Mandalore, Coruscant will have to wait. Akk-ur left and Dorion waited on his cargo.

Added (19-Jan-2011, 8:53 PM)
The shipment arrived, and within 20 minutes, The Easy Money had a 75 tons of cargo. Dorion powered up his engines. "Control, this is Easy Money 2-2-fiver, I am hot and looking for permission to disembark, over." The radio crackled to life with a human female voice giving authorization to leave. Dorion slammed his engines to full throttle. The Engines whined, and shot out of the spaceport like a scalded gundar. After clearing the atmoshpere, the pilot entered his coordinates into his nav computer. Moments later a route was chosen, the light turned green, and with a pull og two levers, the stars turned to starlines.

"No, no officer...Trust me, why would I smuggle something illegal into your fine juristiction. Can't we come to some agreement?"

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