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Weapons Question
Merkillum_VeersDate: Saturday, 26-Feb-2011, 12:17 PM | Message # 1
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Alright.... this is a question about weapons. In paticular the diffrence between them. This is a freeform system now, but a general idea of how the diffrent weapons react would make describing battle easier.

First, Cannons.

Light, Medium, Heavy- The guess would be that heavy ones deal more damage, medium ones are the standard, and light ones take up less room and are more acurate? Whats the diffrences between the classifications? Why would someone put in light laser canons rather then regular ones, or light turbolasers? I know that Heavy ones need a turn to charge after firing.

Blaster Cannons- Usually the common ground weapons, they are effective vs infantry. What kind of damage can they deal? With the classifactions above, is there a diffrance?

Laser Cannons- More powerful the Blaster Cannons, they are equiped to larger vechicals and starfighters. Again, what makes them diffrent from Blaster Cannons in our game terms? How do they stack when used against vechicals or infantry?

Turbolaser Cannons/Turbolaser Batteries: Alright, we know what these are, the big guns. Planet Defense Weapons, Starship to Starship weapons, and in my case... a anti-defense weapon on my Tie Crawler. Again, how do they stack up vs various things, ect ect.

Cannons/Batteries- The thing that confused me, is what is the diffrance between 50 turbolaser cannons and 50 turbolaser batteries? Whats the classification of a battery in game terms?

Ion Cannons: Alright, Ion Cannons. We know it shuts down systems, and the like. Do they deal extra damage to shields? How can one be fair in judging how many and what systems are effected?


Concussion, Photon, Intruder, Thermal- Alright, what is the differance between a concussion missle, a Photon Torpedo, and Thermal Bombs and Photon Bombs? Or a Concussion Grenade vs Thermal Detonator?

Just some things that I think need to be discussed and verified so we are all on the same page, and have a standard of sorts for when we are freeforming our battles.

John04Date: Saturday, 26-Feb-2011, 8:04 PM | Message # 2
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There is no easy way to answer that question. That is due to the fact that nobody really knows the answer to it. Usually the answer takes the form of a damage chart. Granted that has the tendency to reduce battles to simple numbers, but that's what's usually used to solve the issue.

Now to the other questions:

Cannons vs. Batteries: Batteries are hard to determine in the EU due to the fact that they vary. I've seen cannons linked in batteries of five while others have had sixteen cannons linked together. On the Conflicts sites though, typically it consists of eight cannons firing simultaneously.

Ion Cannons: They don't usually do damage to shields as they tend to pass through most. As for how to calculate damage, I would say that it would depend on how your opponent posts his/her attacks. If he's firing ion cannons on your shield generators, then your shields will weaken or even develop holes. If they target weapons, then the guns will go offline. As for duration, I say go by the concentration of ion fire.

Light, Medium, Heavy: You've pretty much got that nailed.

Blasters: Blasters are considered particle beam weapons that fire a concentrated burst of high-energy particles. Typically they cause a variety of damage ranging from burns to vaporization.

Lasers: They are basically suped up version of blasters. At a starfighter's lowest damage-dealing setting, they super-heat flesh and cause bodies to explode.

Turbolasers: Damage can vary due to circumstance. Ex. The turbolasers of a star destroyer will do more damage than the turbolasers of a small light cruiser.

Torpedoes/Grenades: There are so many differances, I recommend that you read them up on Wookieepedia.

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Merkillum_VeersDate: Monday, 28-Feb-2011, 7:11 AM | Message # 3
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Alright.. basic jist...


Proton Torpedo- All purpose torpedo. Varying Blast Yeilds and sizes, ect ect... Manuverable, and usually shielded.

Concussion Missile- Shorter Range, Fast, used for fast moving targets. Can cause a wide array of damage, one missile being more powerful and damaging to a capitol ships hull then a single turbolaser both.

Alright, theres a breif thing on them. smile

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