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New Imperium Ground Units
Merkillum_VeersDate: Saturday, 05-Mar-2011, 12:35 PM | Message # 1
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Name: All Terrain Anti-Aircraft (AT-AA)
Class: Walker
Propulsion: Quad-pedal Walker
Crew: 3 (1 pilot, 2 gunners)
Troops: none
Speed: 60 km/h
Hull: 150 RU
Shields: None
Weapons: 1 Anti-aircraft flak pod, 3 Concussion missile launcher (12 Missles each) 4 blaster rifles (Mounted on legs with 180 degree fire arc)
Equipment: Electronic Missile Countermeasures
Description: A stout low profile Walker, it's powerful Flak Pod can shoot down flying craft and fighters with ease. Light Blasters turrets attached to the knees of the walker make it look like spikes shooting from it, is good at defending against some infantry. However, its flak cannon is useless against even the lightest armored vehicles

Name: All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT)
Class: Walker
Propulsion: Quad-pedal Walker (x2 FW62 compact fusion drive system)
Crew: 3 - 5
Troops: 40
Speed: 60km/h
Hull: 750RU
Shields: None
Weapons: 2 Taim & Bak MS-1 fire-linked heavy laser cannons, 2 medium repeating blasters
Equipment: Durasteel footpads, Durasteel armor, holographic targeting systems, holoprojector, sensor array, blaster cannon energizer
Description: A huge war machine, the AT-AT is known to strike fear in the hearts of those it goes against. Heavily armored, with matching firepower, few things can stand to a wave of these monstrosity. However, for all their strengths, they do have weaknesses, the primary being somewhat top heavy.

Name: Heavy Assault Vehicle/repulsorlift (HAVr) A9 Floating Fortress
Class: Repulsorcraft
Propulsion: Repulsorlift (Max altitude 2m)
Crew: 4
Troops: 10
Speed: 200 km/h
Hull: 500 RU
Shields: none
Weapons: 2 Turreted heavy blaster cannons
Equipment: TIN-Sensor Equipment
Description: A heavily armored Repulsorcraft with advanced targeting sensors, thin shape, and used to good effect in urban environments due to their thin profile. Good against light vehicles, infantry and low flying aircraft.

Name: Tie Crawler (century tank)
Class: Tread Tank
Propulsion: 2 Santhe SSct power generators
Crew: 1
Troops: 0
Speed: 90 km/h
Hull: 250 RU
Shields: none
Weapons: 1 light Turbolaser Cannon turret (Retractable, Front and rear firing arc only), 2 Medium Blaster Cannons
Equipment: Sensor array, treads
Description: A more manuverable tank, used as a heavy calvary unit. Boosted formidable destruction powers against most targets due to its turbolaser and blaster cannons. Weak from the sides, where its massive treads were.

Merkillum_VeersDate: Wednesday, 09-Mar-2011, 7:15 PM | Message # 2
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Name: Phase 1 Dark Troopers
Class: Battle Droid
Propulsion: Legs
Crew: N/A
Troops: N/A
Speed: 16km/h
Hull: 50
Shields: none
Weapons: Vibroblade
Equipment: Blast Shield, phrik skeletal frame, small jetpack for speed
Description: The first in the line of Dark Troopers, these Skeleton Droids had their weaknesses, mostly being that their power conduets and such were visable, making prime targets for sharpshooters. Also, their droid brain was very primitive, allowing only the basics of commands, though some where modified to work with control ships in space, making them more formidable. However, with these weaknesses, came strengths, such as its high rate of speed, its blast shield that could repel blaster fire from infantry, and its lightsaber resistant frame and vibrosword. Used to its best effect in instillations, where they can quickly engage targets and hack them to pieces.

Name: Phase 2 Dark Trooper
Class: Battle Droid/Battle Suit
Propulsion: Bipedal Legs
Crew: As Droid, N/A as suit, 1
Troops: N/A
Speed: 32km/h
Hull: 100
Shields: 100
Weapons: Arc Caster, assault Cannon (Plasma Shells and Rockets)
Equipment: Deflector shield, Jetpack, phrik armor
Description: The second stage of the Dark Trooper Project, during the Galactic Civil war, this was what was made the most. Used on their own as battle droids, or given to Stormtroopers as exoskelton armor, they were used to awesome effect against the rebels. However, with the destruction of the ‘Arc Hammer’ The emperor ordered the project scrapped. Moff Veers, however saw the units potental, and had it secretly dug up from Imperial Research archives. The whole project was researched, and now these can be seen in his army, though if they are controlled by a droid brain, or a human one, is something that enemies must consider before engaging.

Name: Phase 3 Dark Trooper
Class: Battle Droid/Bipedal Tank/Exoskeleton
Propulsion: Bipedal Legs
Crew: 0 if Droid, 1 if Skeleton
Troops: N/A
Speed: 24km/h
Hull: 200
Shields: 150
Weapons: Large Assault Cannon, Seeker Rockets x2, Thermal Detonators, Fragmentation Grenades, Concussion Grenades, wrist blasters x2, Plex Rockets tubes
Equipment: Deflector shields, Jetpack, phrik battle armor
Description: The most devastating of the Dark Troopers, the Phase 3 was supposed to be the armor used by Imperial Stormtroopers. Very few were made during the war, and one was said to have been vanquished by a mercenary, leading others to question their battle abilities. However, the battle armor built using a metal called phrik which was said to be near indestructible. Like the Phase 2, this unit could be a droid unit, or armor for a human. Great at taking out tanks and other light and medium vechicles, and decent at taking out infantry.

Merkillum_VeersDate: Monday, 14-Mar-2011, 4:33 PM | Message # 3
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Name: Imperium All purpose walker (WP Walker (Weapons Platform Walker))
Class: Walker
Propulsion: 8 legs
Crew: BRT Supercomputer
Troops: 2 platoons
Speed: 30km/h
Hull: 200
Shields: 100
Weapons: 1 Flak Cannon, 8 anti infantry medium blasters, 4 Anti Armor Heavy Laser Cannons, 4 long-range, variable trajectory turbolaser cannons, 2 concussion missle launchers (8 missles each), 2 torpedo launchers (8 torpedos each).
Equipment: TIN Targeting System, Holographic command interface, sensor array, BRT Supercomputer, Self Destruct override proticol, Ion shielded reactor
Description: The first true tech made by Imperium Scientists, it is the first attempt to make a computer run vechical using the Militaristic BRT. The design, however is very simple, and is essentally a giant square platform. The walker sits low to the ground, with legs on each cornor. Between each leg space, is a anti infantry turreted blaster cannon, as well as one mounted in the center of each side, protecting the underbelly from infantry. On the top of the platform, on each cornor, are Heavy laser cannons built for anti armor. On the top, each side, are various missle and torpedo tubes, for long range bombardment, or extra anti air defense. In the middle of the platform, is a rapid fire flak cannon, similar to the ones on the AT-AA's, though this one is about 50 percent larger. Flanking the 4 cornors of the Flak cannon, lie 90 degree pivot Long Range Turbolasers, pivoting so that two can fire in any one direction. The turbolasers are identical in almost all respects to the ones used by the Imperial SPMA-T Walkers. Inside the 'box' which was only about four meters high, was a small disembark area for the 2 platoons of troops that the walker could carry. Usually these troopers were used as protectors when the walker was in a seige mode. At the center was the BRT computer brain, and the reactor. However, while this WP Walker had no 'inherint' weakness, being able to engage almost any form of target, they had many drawbacks. The fact that a strong enough Ion attack could fry the BRT computer. Also, dispite its power generation, it could not opperate all weapons at once. The BRT had to look at all the infomation granted to it by the Holographic interface, as well as the sensor arrays, and pick the largest threat to itself, and power its weapons accordingly. Usually, it stays in the back of an assault force, with its turbolaer batteries, and Flak cannon, showering an area with its artillary blasts, and shooting any fighters or speeders from the sky. At times, however, the BRT moves forward and engages using its Anti Armor lasers and blaster cannons, shooting off missiles at various targets and causing havok.
There was a proticol installed in these BRT models, however, and that was that should one ever go offline for whatever reason, the reactor would overload and explode. This was to keep their enemies from aquiring a working BRT model, as well as cause a catastropic explosion to hopefully destroy whatever caused the vechcal to shut down. The shielded reactor should be able to absorb more ion energy then the BRT, so that it should never shut down before the proticol kicks in.
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