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Ferre Saboa
Celtic88Date: Tuesday, 02-Feb-2010, 5:40 PM | Message # 1
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Character Name: Ferre Saboa

Characters Age: 42

Gender: Male

Race: Iktotchi

Faction: None

Career in faction: Bounty Hunter

Rank: N/a

Personal Ship:
Modified YT-2000 Huntress
Length: 30 metres
Crew: 1 with several droids hardwired in.
Hull: 60 RU
Shields: 400 SBD
Speed: 120 MGLT
Equipment: Multiple back-up shield generators. 4 Universal Energy Cages
Weapons: One Turreted Light Turbloaser (Ventrally mounted), Two Triple Ion Cannons (On the left & right flanks), Two Concussion missile Launchers (chin mounted, 2 missiles a piece), Two Quad Laser Cannons (Dorsally mounted on the left and right sides)
History: Ferre commisioned CEC to build him a highly customised YT-2000 10 years ago after his A-Wing starfight was destroyed in pursuit of a bounty. Tired of having starfighters blown out from under him when he got involved in fights with other Bounty Hunters with bigger ships he decided to invest his money in a well armed and armoured vessel with decent manoeuvrability. Within 3 months CEC delivered a ship above what his design specs called for and he was highly impressed. Naming her the Huntress he set out for a very large bounty which would have been sure to attract attention. Ferre not only collected on his bounty but was able to exact revenge on two of his competitors who had previously destroyed his starfighters.

Personal Equipment: Verpine Zal Alloy Mesh Armour, Twin T-6 Heavy Blaster Pistols, Two Tehk'la blades, various other knickknacks (dpatapad, breath mask etc etc)

Personality: Ferre is a cold calculating indicvidual who has no empathy what-so-ever. Infact he rarely feels anything, except pleasure with a job well done. Thats to his precognitive abilites he is able to have small glimpses of the future which has saved his life several times. It also means that he usually plans for into the future being not one or two steps ahead of his enemies but 10. Anyone who happens to cross Ferre usually doesnt get another chance to do it again.

Bio: Born on the windy moon Iktotch, Ferre was abadoned as a child onto the streets when he was 4. Begging and stealing was how he survived until he was picked up by Iktotch Security when he was 8. They put him in orphanages but he kept running away. Likewise whenever he was placed with a foster family. At the age of 17 he robbed a merchants home but was caught. The magistrate offered him jail-time or 5 years in the military. Ferre took the military road.

ferre found peace in the military. The routine and training gave him something to do and something to aim for. He breezed passed the basic training for the first six months and was assigned to the 221st platoon. After two years of gruntwork in which he'd seen many battles thanks to his unit being assigned to the Galactic Alliance Defence Force he was promoted to the rank of sargeant and sent back to his homeworld for specialist training. He did it all from advanced courses in demolitions to advanced melee fighting skills and more. Twelve months later and he was a killing machine assigned to Special Force taskforce of his homeworld who sent him on many covert weapons.

Ten years in the military had honed Ferre's fighting and precgonition skills which had saved him one or two times on the battlefield. His squadmates noticed this and usually kept close to him because of this. However on one mission all his squadmates were killed by the enemy and he was captured. He was tortured for weeks before rescue and spent many months recuperating. In the meanwhile his government signed a non-aggression pact with the government who had tortured Ferre. Feeling betrayed by his world he left the military and became a bounty hunter.

Starting out with only the money he had aquired he bought top of the line equipment and a rickety old shuttle to make his way around. Working his way up the bounty hunter rankings took hard work and patience but Ferre broke into the market sucessfully becoming good enough to buy a military surplus X-Wing within his first year by trading in the shuttle. However with sucess came enemies and they did not make Ferre's job easy. He spent the next 10 years constantly upgrading/repairing or even outright buying of new starfighters to replace the ones he lost. Finally he grew tired and invested in a proper transport, the Huntress

With his new ship he climbed to the Bounty Hunter chain commanding the most respect and the best fees. People had to pay him just to even consider a job. Jobs most bounty hunter couldn't take on. Within the last year he has been held on retained by Arax Scran, a very wealthy individual who has plans for the galaxy and needs Ferre for those plans.

Who is in charge of setting up bounty hunter sims? Or is it a case of faction leaders themselves will be setting them up

Divebomber311Date: Wednesday, 03-Feb-2010, 6:16 PM | Message # 2
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Right now its simply Faction leaders, However I can post some NPC bounties starting next week.


I am Divebomber311
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Mwcw1Date: Wednesday, 07-Apr-2010, 7:05 PM | Message # 3
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Is Ferre as in the Latin word for wild;y or savagely or is it just coincidence?
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