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LaughingManDate: Monday, 01-Feb-2010, 5:07 PM | Message # 1
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Name: Sorros

Age: Unknown

Race: Gurlanin

Gender: Male

Height: Varied (2 metres long in original form)

Weight (Lbs): Varied

Faction: GA

Position Wanted: Intelligence, Espionage, Assassination, etc.

Force Powers: Telepathic with other members of his species and can hide his force signature should he choose

Weapons: Westar M5 heavy repeating blaster rifle (has a single shot pump action micro rocket launcher attachtment), DC-17 interchangable weapons system, Two Verpine Shatter guns, Knuckle plate vibroblade in armour, DC-19 stealth carbine, Jagged Vibroblade, Xerrol Nightstinger, customized Vibro-sword, customized vibroblade in gauntlet, highly modified DC-15 sidearm

Demolitions: Thermal Tape, Thermal detonators, as well as other types of grenades and explosive charges.

Armour: none


Heavily Modified SoroSuub Horizon Class Star Yacht - For mods, go here-

StealthX2 inside hangar of yacht.

Other Vehicles: Heavily modified Swoop Bike, V-Wing Airspeeder

Other Items:

Bio and History:

Personality and Traits: Sorros is a mostly quiet and laid back being but is constantly aware of the people around him. He has a very strong sense of pride for his race and would kill to protect them. Because of his nature and job, he can assume many different types of personalities and has become extremely adept at acting different ways. Most that know him become extremely uncomfortable when staring into his bright orange eyes when he is in his original form. People also become almost hypnotised when he speaks and completely mesmerized when he shapeshifts in front of them. He has a soothing liquid voice that sounds almost like running water. Sorros is also quite cryptic with his words and seems ancient to most that speak to him. He is very wise and quick to point out faults in people but he does so to help them. He is also very fond of misdirection both in actions and words and is known to play tricks on people, both playful and deadly. Sorros also has an infinite steadiness about him that some find a bit disturbing. He is certainty. As far as friends go, Sorros doesn't have many but isn't against having them. For him, life as a spy is one of loneliness.

Abilities: Sorros best ability is his stealth. He can track anyone in the galaxy. His eyesight is extremely sharp akin to that of predatory birds. Sorros can take shots from up to a kilometre away without using a scope. He is deadly accurate in his shooting and is only restricted by the faults of the weapon which he takes care of as it were his own child. Being a Gurlanin, Sorros can shapeshift into almost any form including human. He can also stay hidden in the force should he choose to. He is extremely fast and agile and surprisingly strong. In his original form, Sorros has a mouth of extremely sharp teeth with four large fangs coming down from his upper lip over his lower lip each ending in a double point. He has the look of a sleek predator. His black fur keeps him hidden at night and his snout, which is where is ears are located, uses snuffling as echolocation.

Bio: ((May write one in the future however, being a Gurlanin, most stay on their planet there whole lives so he wouldn't have much of a history until this point))

Divebomber311Date: Monday, 01-Feb-2010, 6:17 PM | Message # 2
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Ok I'm down for this. Approved

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