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Arax Scran
Celtic88Date: Tuesday, 26-Jan-2010, 11:56 AM | Message # 1
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Character Name: Arax Scran
Characters Age: 68
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Corellia)
Faction: None
Career in faction: Information Broker/Gatherer/Businessman
Rank: CEO of Yssenneh Industries
Personal Ship: Highly modified Lambda class shuttle. Triple Armoured and Shielded with top of the line engines it has no weapons. It is also rumored to have a cloaking device.
Personal Equipment: Flexible body armour concealed under his suit/robes it only offers protection to his torso and thighs. Only vibroblade kept inside his left-hand sleeve. One personal bodygaurd.
Personality: Arax Scran is a very exuberant man who is loose with his money and always appears to be in good cheer. He is everyones friend and no-ones enemy and is very forgiving. He also gives to various charities and various law enforcement agencies all over the galaxy. However all this is a carefully cultivated public image.

In reality Arax Scran is a very ruthless and intelligent man. His arrogance is his main weakness though he never underestimates an opponent twice. He loves to play games with his enemies and spins very large webs of deceit and treachery with the ultimate goal of punishing anyone who crosses him in the worst way possible. He has a keen business sense which has lead him to become one of the richest individuals in the galaxy. He also has an insatiable lust for knowledge going so far as to set up his own spy network which on its scale is second to known. If there is information to be discovered he will eventually find it and use it to his own means.

Added (26-Jan-2010, 11:55 Am)
Bio: Born on Corellia 5 years after the end of the Clone Wars Arax Scran was the son of a politician who worked in the diktats office and a bussinesswoman. His parents were decent people just seeking to make their home as safe a place as possible for their son, however they did have Rebel sympathies. These were exposed when Diktat Dupas Thomree died and was replaced by an Imperial puppet ruler. They were kidnapped one night to never be heard or seen from again. Arax escaped his parents fate because he was spending the summer at his cousins place. When he discovered this on his return home he became extremely depressed.

From that point on he stayed with his Aunt and Uncle. They tried to console him but nothing could bring the devastated Arax out of the depression he had fallen into. One day at school Darek, Arax's cousin who was a year younger then himself, was being beaten up by a couple bullies. Seeing this Arax remembered how his parents had been taken away from him and was determined to not let it happen to any other member of his family. He quickly intervened putting two of the bullies in hospital with serious injuries. He was suspended by the school but Darek thanked him and his uncle and aunt were proud that he stood up for their son. From that point on, Arax looked out for his family even though it eventually got him expelled from school at the age of 17.

After being expelled from school he took up a job piloting shuttles for his uncle in his courier business. He quickly rose through the ranks through his quick business mind rising to eventually become Vice President of the company at the age of 31. However at this point his Uncle retired from the business and appointed Darek as President even though he was only a recent graduate of business school. Dissatisfied with this Arax left the company and started up his own courier business. Within two years Arax's business was flourishing while Darek's was flondering because of his lack of his expierence. His Uncle begged him to come back but Arax refused. Instead he bought out Darek's business and gave his cousin a position more suited to his level of expierence.

Around this time the Bastion Peace Accords were signed ending the hostilities between New Republic and the Empire seeking to increase trading oppurtunities decided to loosen its borders. Curious about his parents final fate, Arax seeked out information. However information wasn't easy to come by espicially old files from Imperial Intelligence. For the next 5 years he set-up a spy network around the galaxy, initially concetrating on the Corellia system and Imperial space but eventually expanding it to include the farthest reaches of the galaxy. He also set-up Yssenneh Industries as a parent company and began to buy various stocks and companies increasing the power of his companies thousandfold.

Added (26-Jan-2010, 11:56 Am)
Eventually he was able to obtain the files of the parents and discovered a horrifying truth. Even though had been kidnapped nearly 25 years earlier they had only recently died in an Imperial Prison on the edge of known space. Infurtiated at his failure to save his parents he seeked revenge on the Imperials who had caused him such pain. Within a year, shortly before the Yuuzhan Vong invasion he found the Imperial Intelligence agent responsible for his parents being arrested by the Empire. Arax personally excuted the man for his crime however was careful so it could not be traced back to him.

During the Yuuzhan Vong war he bought several small companies which produced starfighters and ground vechiles. He made them into one super-company again under his parent company of Yssenneh Industries. He was able to increase output by 50% and sold to the New Republic/Galactic Alliance exclusively knowing that this would come back to him in a good way some day. He also used his spy network to find minor Peace Brigade bases during the war and deployed his mercenary forces to these bases to capture equipment and peace brigaders. He used the Peace Brigaders on his most dangerous mining ventures and in scietific experiments.

Shortly after the end of the war, Arax completely bought out Xizor Transport Systems, the company owned by Prince Xizor towards the end of Emperor Palpatines reign. With the transport company he was able to quickly provide trade to a lot of the more isolated parts of the galaxy winning him great favour with the Galactic Alliance. Also using this company he was able to increase his spy network a hundredfold until it rivalled the Galactic Alliance and Imperial Remnants own spy networks.

For the next 25 years Arax spent his vast fortune increasing the capabilities of his spy network and his mercenary forces. He also kept buying companies and stocks in companies such as CEC and Kuat shipyards raising his income so high it was said he could buy and sell politicians like one might buy and sell trinkets. He also hired a private security force to protect him for he had made many enemies over the years and hired instructors to teach him combat moves that had saved his life on at least one occasion. In addition to this he hired a personal bodyguard, Hirek a gotal from Antar 4 who saved Arax's life countless times over the years.

Ok so basically Arax is going to be a very rich and very powerful indepedent individual who has his own plans and motivations.
I was hoping to get approval for a small private fleet of ship and small private army i could use when needed.

Viper7784Date: Tuesday, 26-Jan-2010, 7:18 PM | Message # 2
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i dont mind it see what steve says

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Divebomber311Date: Tuesday, 26-Jan-2010, 8:20 PM | Message # 3
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Works for me slick. We can probably even work out purchasing a shipyard, and growth from there.

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