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Forum » Character Bios » Inactive Bios » Draco Lucius (Emperor of Imperial Remnant)
Draco Lucius
Divebomber311Date: Wednesday, 11-Nov-2009, 1:51 PM | Message # 1
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Character Name: Draco Lucius

Characters Age: 55

Gender: Male

Race: Human (Bastion)

Faction: Imperial Remnant

Career in faction: Draco has started at the lowest of the Ranks. Starting as an ensign, and moving up throught the fleet ranks, being a High Admiral, then Promoted to Grand Admiral. Now he is the Emporer.

Rank: Emporer

Personal Ship: Highly Modified Sentinal Shuttle

Personal Equipment: Emporers robes, Special issue armor, comlink, DL-44 Blaster, artificial right lower arm.

Personality: Very Aggressive, does not suffer fools. Will kill those who show incompetance or hesitation.

Bio: Draco Lucius, was born to high ranking Military officials. Born to a High Ranking fleet admiral, and a wealthy aristocrat Draco was destined to be a ranking official in the Empire. During his younger years, Draco showed an amazing ability to lead and to command. During his academy days he led training missions against his professors. After defeating them, he was put into the fast track in the Navy. Put on prestigous vessels Draco Flew through the Ranks, Serving as High Admiral, and then replacing the Grand Admiral after his death at the Battle of Wayland.

After a prestigous career as Grand Admiral, Draco replaced the Emporer. His iron fist, and Iron will will not be denied. His dream of recreating the Empire of old WILL become reality, and those that stand in his way are insects to be crushed beneth the boot of the Imperial armed forces. Draco and the Empire are ready for war, is the Galaxy ready for the Empire and Emporer Lucius?

I am Divebomber311
One of the Original Big Three Managers
Head of the Once Feared Shadow Dragon Syndicate
Conflict will rage again
You Will fear my fleets again!
KaelDate: Friday, 20-Nov-2009, 11:06 AM | Message # 2
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Forum » Character Bios » Inactive Bios » Draco Lucius (Emperor of Imperial Remnant)
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