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Forum » Character Bios » Inactive Bios » Grahm Quinn (Galactic Alliance Supreme Commander)
Grahm Quinn
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Character Name: Grahm Quinn
Characters Age: 58
Gender: Male
Race: Human from Denon
Height: 6ft 2in tall
Weight: 205 lbs
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Blue

Faction: Galactic Alliance
Career in faction: Leader of Military and Political Body
Rank: Supreme Commander

Uniform: Brown/blue/gold senatorial robes over military uniform and body armor
Personal Ship: Skipray Blastboat
Personal Equipment: Officer’s blaster, body armor and hidden vibroblade. In addition, both his Protocol Droid AG-US and household droids have been modified to defend him. They have hidden weaponry that they will draw and use if they feel that Grahm is in trouble. Any other equipment sanctioned by the GA.

Personality: Grahm is a gruff no nonsense type of officer. His life has been filled with death and battle against the Empire and the Vong. He cares deeply for the people under his command. He is a defensive minded officer who is more concerned with protecting innocents than he is with trying to win stunning battles. That is not to say he won’t attack if it benefits the Galactic Alliance. While he is old, he is strong and has a lot of vitality.

Bio: Grahm was born on Denon just before the out break of the Galactic Civil War. As a little kid, he heard of the Rebellion and played with his friends as pirates attacking cops. He made a vow with his friends to enter the military and stop the bad guys. Not much is known until he reached the age of 20 during the Black Fleet Crisis. He had just entered the military and had achieved the rank of Lieutenant when the Yevethan had massacred every species in their cluster. The New Republic responded and the Empire sat it out, which stung deep down into Grahm’s nature. Still, he continued in the military and gradually was assigned command of an ISD MK II named “Venerable”. He continued to fight for the Empire, preferring missions against pirates where he was defending citizens and resources instead of attacking others. His care for his troops and officers shown by the loyalty they had in him.

In 26 ABY, as the Vong attacked and the Empire sat by, Grahm made that fateful decision to defect. He took his ship and was welcomed to the other side. He spent the next five years fighting the Vong. From losing Coruscant, to the attack on the voxyn at Myrkr to the reclaiming of Coruscant and the resulting peace settled by the planet Zomana Sekot, Grahm fought defending people against tyranny and genocide. He had found his place and his role.

After the Vong Wars, now being promoted to the rank of Admiral, Grahm fought for the Galactic Alliance during the Killiks Nest War. By 40 ABY, he was a Sector Admiral Commanding the entire 2nd fleet. During the Second Galactic War he fought the confederates, but it left a bad taste in his mouth. They were fighting their brothers. When it finally ended, and Daala took over, he deferred much of the action to the younger officer, retaining only the Venerable as his ship.

Now, with Daala no longer in power as Supreme Commander, Grahm was voted in control of the Galactic Alliance… both it’s political side and the military.

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Forum » Character Bios » Inactive Bios » Grahm Quinn (Galactic Alliance Supreme Commander)
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