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Forum » Character Bios » Inactive Bios » Kiran Oldin
Kiran Oldin
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Name: Kiran Oldin
Race: Coruscanti
Age: 48 y/o
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 226 lbs.
Appearance: Kiran is a well built man for his age. His hair has begun to gray, but he hopes for the remants of brown to last for a while. Kiran keeps himself in good physical condition, and often goes on training exercises with his men. Oldin is rarely found in his normal uniform, and likes to keep a casual regimen for himself. He holds his men to the strictest regimens of military code, and has often been found as hypocritical for these decisions.

Personality: Smart and brilliant, Kiran's ideas have helped evolve the Alliance's military strategy over the progression of his years of service in the military. He thinks in a very tactical oriented way, and his style is to research and learn about his enemies before attacking. He likes to have all factors planned out in battle, but is generally a confident and charismatic leader.

Birth place: Coruscant

Faction: Galactic Alliance
Rank: General of the Army
Position: Commanding Officer, Galactic Alliance Ground Forces

Equipment: T-21 light repeating blaster, E-15A blaster rifle, refit S-5 heavy blaster pistol

Vehicle: Bantha class assault shuttle "Cavalry"
35 meters
SoroSuub / Mon Cal Shipyards

Armament: 2x Golan Arms Quad Turbolaser Cannons
Proton Torpedo launcher
Equipment: Hyperdrive, enhanced sensor suite
Crew: 1 Pilot, 1 Co-pilot (optional), 2 Gunners (optional)

Added (27-Dec-2010, 8:59 PM)
Biography: Born on Coruscant to well off parents Kiran's father was a career military man, who had achieved the rank of Master Sergeant in the Marine force. Kiran's dream from childhood was to join the Army, and he aspired to it throughout high school. He pushed himself as hard as he could to make the best grades he could, and upon graduating Kiran enlisted in Army bootcamp.

Oldin's physical fitness and leadership qualities passed him through boot camp easily, where he was recommended for officer candidate academy. Kiran entered the four year course with vigor, and upon completion he was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant and given command of a platoon. The young officer was eager to get battlefield experience under his belt, and he trained and disciplined his platoon to be combat ready and always be at their peak performance levels.

Kiran was a favorite among his platoon mates, and his sociablity and charisma passed him on a year and a half into his military life to the rank of 1st Lieutenant. Kiran was moved to become the executive officer of a company, which was a detachment of the 2nd Army. Now in a full fledged combat unit Oldin proved himself an able tactical commander and advisor, and his Captain recommended him for his own company command two years after his inital assignment.

Galactic Alliance Command, impressed with Kiran's record at the young age of 25, promoted the young man to Captain and assigned him to the 7th Infantry regiment. As a company commander under a regimental banner his views were able to be expressed, and the leadership of the 7th discovered Oldin's true potential for field command. Kiran served with distinction as a Captain for four years under the flag of the 7th before being reassigned as the Operations Officer for the 15th Brigade as a Major.

The 29 year old has shot through the commissioned ranks in his only seven year career, and now as an Operations Officer Kiran honed his administrational and disciplinary duties and skills. Oldin was very organized, and he impressed his superiors with his neatness. Kiran was also a very personable man, and this was taken note of by his commanding officer. After six months served as the 15th's Operations Officer Kiran was promoted to the position of Brigade Chief of Staff, but remained at the rank of Major. Chief of Staff opened new doors for Oldin as he was allowed to apply to the Advanced Command School now, which readied officers for battalion, regimental, and brigade command.

Added (27-Dec-2010, 8:59 PM)
Major Oldin passed the Command School relativley easily, and was promoted at the age of 31 to Lieutenant Colonel. He took command of a battalion attached to the 1st Army, where he proved an interesting Colonel level officer. Kiran was known to accompany his men still into battle, a risky move for such a senior officer. none the less Kiran's valiance payed off, and the loyalty of Kiran's men to him was exceptional.

With the Sith and Imperial Remnant on the rise in recent years and a lack of good officers, Kiran was promoted to command of the regiment he had formerly been serving in in the 1st Army. With this promotion came the full rank of Colonel, and, thrilled with his career thus far, Kiran continued to serve the Alliance to the best of his abilities.

The 36 year old Kiran commanded his regiment tactfully and surely in combat, supporting the 1st in many engagements. Now a grizzled veteran and experienced with the tactics and maneuvers of the Remnant's commanders, Oldin finally made the jump to General rank when he was promoted to Brigadier General of the 3rd Brigade. The 3rd had a history of excellence, and Kiran intended to uphold the traditions of his unit.

Now on the scale of commanding a massive group of soldiers, Kiran trained himself to recognize maneuvers and such of the enemy. The young Brigadier was often underestimated by his foes, and he used to this to his advantage by employing stealth and recon tactics on his enemies. Kiran was famous for employing commando teams in strategic locations, along with tactful sniper deployment. The guerilla warfare style was valued by Army Command, and at the age of 38 Kiran was recalled to Coruscant to serve as the Deputy Chief of Research and Development of Military Tactics at the Army HQ.

Oldin, now with a reputation under his belt, integrated stealth and reconaissance tactics into the training routines of new officers, as it would play a large role in combat with the Imperials. The Remnant's ground forces were strictly set in their rituals, and Oldin knew how to use that fact to his advantage.

Oldin remained at Command for three years before being promoted to Lieutenant General. Kiran returned to the field and took command of the 2nd Army. This new command brought joy back into his heart, as Kiran was not really suited for a desk job. Oldin served successfully as the 2nd's Commanding Officer for five years before he recieved a promotion to full General. He remained at his former position.

Kiran served two more years as commanding officer of the 2nd before Supreme Commander Krieg Hamat recommended his promotion to General of the Army. Happy to take upon this new task of molding and leading the Alliance Ground forces in this time of war, Kiran is ready to serve the Alliance as a valuable asset to their military war machine.

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