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XenosDate: Sunday, 02-May-2010, 1:54 PM | Message # 1
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Character Name: Thrax’eno’snuruodo (Core Name Xenos)

Characters Age: 31 Standard Years Old
Gender: Male

Race: Chiss

Faction: Imperial Remnant by way of the Hand of Thrawn House Phanlanx

Career in faction: Just Beginning

Rank: Commander

Personal Ship: Modified Scimitar Assault Bomber Mk II (description listed below)

Personal Equipment: R6 Astromech Droid, blaster pistols, rifles, comlinks and personal effects

Personality: Xenos was born on Csilla, but doesn’t remember any of the planet, culture or his people. At a young age, his family relocated to Nirauan, where his father became one of the Household Phalanx Commanders. Being from the family of Nuruodo, he was always enthralled with the greatest of his relatives, Thrawn. As such, he has tried to mirror his life and philosophy after his great uncle. He is calm and reserve, calculating possibilities to a problem before deciding on a course of action. Though reserve, he has a steele to him that surprises most. He believes in order to the galaxy with each being serving a purpose, but he also has a strong sense of justice. Sometimes, those come into conflict and he deals with it as appropriate as possible.

Bio: At a young age, Xenos was relocated to the planet of Nirauan from Csilla. His father was charged with being the Household Phalanx Commander. Despite the fact that Grand Admiral Thrawn had been gone for a long time, his name still carried weight and the Hand of Thrawn relocated to another secret facility on the planet. From there, Xenos family carried on the tradition and teachings of their greatest ancestor, Thrawn. As he grew, he was taught tactics and strategies of the Empire, Galactic Alliance and even the Vong. During the Swarm War, the Hand of Thrawn aided the Chiss in their attacks on the Killiks. During the War, the Hand of Thrawn was sought out by the Killiks and destroyed, leveled to the ground. A few escaped and returned to Csilla, but Xenos decided to join the Imperial Remnant. He grew up with respect for Grand Admiral Pelleon and wanted to work to pursue a military career following after 2 of the greatest Imperial Leaders.

Modified Scimitar Assault Bomber
Length 20 Meters
Crew 2
Hull 60 RU
Shields 150 SBD
Speed 80 MGLT,
Equipment x1 Hyperdrive,
Weapons 2 Laser Cannons, 6 Proton Torpedo Pods (4 Torpedoes Each)
This Scimitar Assault Bomber was modified at the Hand of Thrawn Citadel. The heavy bomb bays were taken out in favor of more torpedo pods. Also the SLAM jets were removed and it was extended 7 more meters. This allowed Xenos to put in a small refresher and bunk so that the ship could act as a long range courier. While asleep, Xenos R7 unit will take control of the ship.

Show me your weakness so that I may exploit it
KaelDate: Tuesday, 04-May-2010, 10:45 AM | Message # 2
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Welcome Xenos. I'm going to approve this bio, but it is up to the Emperor (steve) to assign you a position in the Imperial Remnant.
Forum » Character Bios » Inactive Bios » Xenos (Imperial Fleet Officer)
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