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Forum » Character Bios » Approved Bios » Varesk Kre'fey (New leader of the Rebellion)
Varesk Kre'fey
John04Date: Wednesday, 23-Feb-2011, 11:51 AM | Message # 1
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Character Name: Varesk Kre'fey
Character Age: 45
Gender: Male
Race: Bothan
Faction: Rebel Alliance/New Republic
Career in Faction: Rose up in ranks after Bothans joined Rebellion. Became an admiral just before Endor and became ranking flag officer after death of Ackbar.
Rank: Supreme Commander
Personal Ship: Listed below
Personal Equipment: white admiral's uniform, DH-17 Blaster, comlink, datapad
Personality: Calculating, formidable, loyal to the fight for freedom, cares for his soldiers
Bio: Born on Bothawui, Varesk was raised by forward thinking Bothans, ones who say the flaws in the 'Bothan Way'. As such they raised him to not seek political gain for the sake of political gain, but to do what's right for the greater good and accumulate political power that way. Although he took that knowledge to heart, he was often bullied by fellow Bothans while in school and then later at the military academy. He served in the Bothan Spynet until Borsk Fey'lya's group joined the Rebel Alliance. Once he joined the Rebellion, he switched to fleet command where he was given command of the Rebel Assault Frigate Ghorman's Memory. There he served for a full year, raiding Imperial bases and striking enemy convoys until Admiral Ackbar promoted him to Rear Admiral and gave him full command of a portion of the Rebel fleet for the Battle of Endor. During the battle he lost a MC80 star cruiser to the death star so when the order came to engage the star destroyers, he saw the advantage of it and charged his forces head on into the Imperial fleet. There he was able to disable one of the star destroyers and destroy another before he began to focus his fire on the Executor. During the course of the battle, the Rebel flagship Home One was severely damaged and Admiral Ackbar and many important leaders of the Rebellion were killed or left incapacitated. By the time everything was sorted out, Kre'fey was among the highest ranking officers in the entire fleet. A quick war council was convened and Varesk was promoted to the rank of fleet admiral and made Supreme Commander of the Rebel Fleet and leader of the entire Rebel Alliance. Since then he has been focused towards uniting the galaxy together and officially brough the New Republic into existence upon capturing Coruscant. Now his focus is outward towards the Rim, where Imperial diehards are holding on to their various territories with an iron grip.

Added (23-Feb-2011, 11:51 Am)
Personal Ship:

Name B-Wing
Length 16.9 Meters
Crew 1
Hull 60 RU
Shields 150 SBD
Speed 91 MGLT
Weapons 4 Ion Cannons, 2 Hvy Laser Cannons, 2 torpedo Launcher (18 torps)
Equipment X1 Hyperdrive

Attachments: 9299020.jpg (44.7 Kb)

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power...

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KalThanatosDate: Wednesday, 23-Feb-2011, 8:43 PM | Message # 2
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Looks good
Forum » Character Bios » Approved Bios » Varesk Kre'fey (New leader of the Rebellion)
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