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Forum » Character Bios » Approved Bios » Qui'll Izan (Jedi Master Consular)
Qui'll Izan
Smooth-eyeDate: Wednesday, 23-Feb-2011, 2:09 AM | Message # 1
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Character Name: Qui’ll Izen
Characters Age: 61
Gender: Male
Race: Givin
Home world: Yag'Dhul
Faction: Galactic Alliance
Career in faction: Senator
Personal Ship: High Algorithm/ Modified J-type 327 Nubian starship
Personal Equipment: Data pad, Galactic Alliance credit chip, comlink, all temperature cloak, recording rod, walking stick

Personality: Qui’ll is the typical politician, he shows much passion in trying to better his home world of Yag'Dhul. He is pro-education and galactic defense aginst the Empire. Of course, like most politicians, there is always a higher motive to his actions.

Bio: Qui’ll Izen was born on the planet Yag'Dhul, and was discovered as a very young child by a jedi whom was on a peace keeping mission during the Clone Wars. The jedi took Qui’ll as an apprentice, and returned to Coruscant. Qui’ll learned at an accelerated rate, but found the life as a Jedi Consular more fit for his strengths, instead of that of Knight. Qui’ll taught hyperspacial physics and astronomy at the Jedi Academy. He became a master of Form Zero. Infact, he would not even carry a blade.
Qui’ll was luckily deep in the outer Rim, working on new hyperspace routes with a small squad of Clone Troopers when Order 66 was initiated. Qui'll managed to survive the mutinous attack, after recieving the Jedi Temple's beacon order to flee and hide, he did just that. He quickly became involved in the Anti-Imperial Underground movement, which later became the Rebel Alliance. He gave to the rebels the new hyperspace routes he had been working on. Since his research was never submitted to the Jedi Counsel, these were perfect for the Rebel Alliance to use as they were uncharted in Imperial records. MAster Qui'll was able to hide his force sensitivity, thus noone knew he was a Jedi Master. He traveled across the galaxy under the guise of a Givin Consultant on Hyperspacial physics. This lead him to be employed several times by the Empire to work on classified projects. Givins were one of the few races the Emperor would still use, due to their natural high mathematical reasonings.
After the Battle of Endor Qui'll found himself helping another Jedi, Kal Thanatos, into rebuilding the lost Jedi Order. Qui'll has let the much younger Jedi take the reins as the new Jedi Grandmaster.

Force Powers: Force Jump, Force Push, Force Pull, Force Sense, Force Run,

NEAUTRAL POWERS: Force Subjugate, Comprehend Speech, Force Weapon, Phase, Telekinesis, Force Deflection, Force Cloak, Telepathy, Force Comprehension, Shatterpoint, Force Listening, Force Whirlwind, Force Wave

LIGHT POWERS: Force Persuasion, Force Protection, Droid Disable, Alter Environment, Protection Bubble, Combustion, Morichro, Malacia, Alchaka, Ray, Sever Force, Force Ghost, Affect Mind

"No, no officer...Trust me, why would I smuggle something illegal into your fine juristiction. Can't we come to some agreement?"

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KalThanatosDate: Wednesday, 23-Feb-2011, 8:42 PM | Message # 2
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Welcome. We'll get things rolling with the Jedi ASAP
Forum » Character Bios » Approved Bios » Qui'll Izan (Jedi Master Consular)
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