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John04Date: Saturday, 02-Apr-2011, 5:03 AM | Message # 1
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Name: MC80C Star Cruiser
Length: 3100 meters
Crew: 61,875
Troops: 3 Regiments
Hull: 37,500 RU
Shields: 57,000 SBD - 28,500
Sublight: 8 MGLT
Hangar: 12 Squadrons
Weapons: 210 Turbolaser Batteries, 170 Hvy Ion Cannon Batteries, 90 Quad Laser Batteries, 80 Dual Missile Tubes
Equipment: X1 Hyperdrive, 12 Tractor-Beam Projectors
Description: For some time the Republic fleet has been in need of heavy front-line warships that are capable of overwhelming Imperial defenses with near impunity. That need has been filled. The MC80C is an extension of the famed MC80 line, but unlike previous models, this one was built specifically for war. Looking like a cross between a Home One Command Cruiser and an MC80B Star Cruiser, this warship is capable of decimating enemy defenses.

Name: Howlrunner-class Patrol Cruiser
Length: 550 meters
Crew: 1800
Troops: 3000
Hull: 1850 RU
Shields: 3000 SBD
Sublight: 15 MGLT
Hangar: 4 Squadrons, 8 Shuttles
Weapons: 18 Dble Turbolaser Batteries, 18 Hvy Ion Cannon Batteries, 10 Dual Laser Cannons
Equipment: X1 Hyperdrive, 6 Tractor-Beam Projectors
Description: Built as a workhorse for the New Republic Navy. It operates in packs of six to eight ships and is capable of both fighting in orbit and launching ground assaults. Similar in appearance to ancient Tetan Attack Ships, this beast can really do some damage.

Name: E-Wing Escort Starfighter
Length: 11.2 meters
Crew: 1, 1 Astromech
Hull: 40 RU
Shields: 100 SBD
Sublight: 110 MGLT
Weapons: 3 Hvy Laser Cannons, 1 Proton Torpedo Launchers(16 torps)
Equipment: X1 Hyperdrive
Description: 12 per squadron. Status: Veteran.

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Forum » R&D » Proposed R&D » NR R&D (April Session)
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