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Quiet Solitude
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Qui'll Izen had, at least for the moment, found peace. As he sat cross-legged and suspended a couple meters over the floor of the large, dilapidated building. He was reflecting on all he had experienced since he was first taken in, almost sixty years ago, by the Jedi Order. He was taught by some of the greatest Jedi ever. Masters Yadal, Yoda, Windu, Jocasta Nuand, Vos and so many others. Qui'll had on a rare occasion once, bumped into Master Kenobi on Tatooine. That was when he began to believe others of his order were still alive. Perhaps a few were fortunate enough to have survived Palpatine's Order 66.

Much has happened since that fateful day. Now was a time for rebuilding. He knew of another out there, one that shared his own passions of rebirth for a forgotten order. One that would be once again, the galaxy's shinning star, a beacon of hope, and justice. His presence was known to him only from the voice of a fallen comrade. One that came to him in the form of a ghost. Qui'll was told that he would find another Jedi, one that would lead the lost Jedi Order out of the ashes, and back into greatness. Patience. He must practice patience. Master Vos had never lead him wrong before.

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Qui'll stood from his mediation and walk out of the room and to the balcony. It overlooked what once was a beautiful rose garden, lush in color and fragrance. Now, all that was left was dead vines, and weeds as tall as the structure. This once was an ornate building, full of life and scientific studies. Instead all that remained was a crumbling ceiling, and old scorch marks on the walls from blaster fire. Qui'll stared into the star filled night sky, and opened his mind and senses to the Force. Suddenly the old Jedi Master felt something calling to him. No, not something. Someone.

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Another storm was going going on. From the view way up here, it was spectacular. Some rain was gusting in where windows once were. Qui'll watched the lightning dance across the sky. It was not often that storms of this magnitude erupted here. The Jedi Master looked down at the ornately decorated floor. The tiles were worn, and a few still showed signs of a struggle. It had been decades since that frightful day. The Givin Jedi had worked tirelessly to clean, and repair the interior of the ancient building as best as he could. He would leave the battle scars, as a reminder of what can happen when one puts power, ahead of peace.

"No, no officer...Trust me, why would I smuggle something illegal into your fine juristiction. Can't we come to some agreement?"
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