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Imperium Positions
Merkillum_VeersDate: Monday, 14-Mar-2011, 12:31 PM | Message # 1
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The diffrent positions and agencys within the New Imperium. Breif descriptions will be provided, more detailed ones later one.

Imperium Government Structure

Emperor x1: The head man, he rules the Imperium. The only position that is not appointed, it holds absolute power. However, dispite this power, it holds its own risks, for should the position become compromised, A unanimous vote from the Preators and Senate can have the Emperor stand down. Currently, Emperor Octavious holds the position.

Preators x2: The highest elected position, they are the voices of both the Emperor and the People. They are usually senators, however are not required to be. They are usually the ones that attend the Senate meetings, and make diliberations based on the Emperors will. They are the ones that also bring the peoples attention to their Emperor, and his will back to the people. Voted in by the Senate, it is a life long position, though with a Unanimous vote, they can be kicked out.

Senator (1 per planet): The Senate is similar to the Galactic senate in most respects. The partys diliberate, discuss and make choices based on their planets needs. While this position holds a large amount of power, it is also the closest watched by the Anti Corruption Agency. The spokesmen of their planet on the Imperium scale, they make laws on the Large scale. Voted in by Kings.

King (1 per planet): The king is the law on a planetary scale. They make laws, enforce them, and also bring the peoples concerns to the Senators. Usually chose their Senator based on their peoples will. A few planets actually hold elections of the people to chose their senator. Kings are also responsable for the defense of their planets, production, and exports. Voted in by Planetary council.

Planetary councilmen (Varies): The lowest rung on the Imperium Government chain (short of a civilian) they are the peoples voice. They are voted in directly by the people of their district, and are granted the power to change things in local areas. Can vote in and out Kings. Voted in by civilians.

Imperium Army:

Emperor x1: The emperor directly oversees the running of the army. Has complete control of a situation. Appoints the General of the Army, his second in command.

General of the Army: Supreme Commander of all ground forces of the Imperium, second to the Emperor himself. Appoints Fleet Generals and oversees all military operations, reporting the results and suggestions to the Emperor.

Fleet Generals/Planetary Defense Generals (1 per fleet/planet): The generals for army operations on fleets/planets they are assigned to. Report to the GOTA. Fleet Generals are appointed by the GOTA, where as planetary defense generals are appointed by the Kings of those planets. Oversee their underlings, and have some autonomy in running their regiments.

Major (2 per General): The next down the ladder, Majors oversee the regiments and Brigades under the General.

Captain (2 per Major): Field Captains are the eyes and ears for the Majors, usually in charge of Battalion of troops.

Leitenits (1 per company): Usually in charge of Companys, they are the overseers of unit operations.

Sargents (1 per Platoon): In charge of indavidual Platoons, they are the lowest rung on the chain. Actually the ones in the fighting.

Special FOrces lie outside this Chain of Command

Imperium Navy
Emperorx1: Like with the army, the Emperor also oversees all fleet operations, and holds control over them should he ever take command. Makes discissions based on reports from the Grand Admiral.

Grand Admiral: The voice of the Emperor, he is in charge much like the GOTA is for the Army. Oversees and reports fleet activity. Controls the Armada. Appoints and gets information from Sector Admirals.

Fleet Admirals:


Fighter ranks

Fleet Leader
Wing Leader
Squadron Leader

Imperial Intellegence

Emperors Shadow
Black Cloak

Anti Corruption Agency:

Field Supervisor
Field Agent

Deep Infiltration Guild


Diplomatic Emessy Directive

Head of State
Department Heads

Special Forces:


((Descriptions to come))

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