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Star Wars : Conflicts
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OOC: Assault on Hoth
Merkillum_VeersDate: Sunday, 06-Feb-2011, 11:20 AM | Message # 16
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Wouldn't the planet be in the way? That, my ships wern't yet in that orbit, as they still had to move there, and you would be shooting 2 orbits away, one to get to the center, one to get to High. But it doesn't matter.

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John04Date: Tuesday, 15-Feb-2011, 2:36 PM | Message # 17
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- Sorry if I sound preachy and jerk-like -

Actually it does matter. Such details are critical to battles. The more details you have in your post result in fewer oppurtunities your opponent can exploit and wipe you out. Steve is brilliant in that aspect-and in others-and I have had my butt shredded several times before because I didn't post enough details and gave my opponent the chance to make assumptions(which they have every right to BTW).

As for the movements, round work like this: Attacker posts & moves, Defender posts & moves. All damage calculations and movements are factored in, and then the round ends. So I posted my space forces doing, well, nothing. Then you posted your ships exiting hyperspace and then moving into the next orbits. Once you posted, the round ended & your ships moved into the orbit you specified. At that point in the next round, your ships are there and I can fire away.

You need to be picky with your posting, otherwise the other person is going to pounce and take you out.

- deep breath -

Added (13-Feb-2011, 10:14 Am)
Ok after I reread your post a couple of times, I've come to a possible conclusion:

You seem to have posted where you're going to eventually move to. So we say the capital ships weapons fire on that second fleet missed completely so you won't have to count it. I'll give 48 hours from now to respond Merk. on.

Added (15-Feb-2011, 2:36 PM)
--------------------------------------------- didn't respond or acknowledge this. So, your loss.

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power...
Forum » Out of Character » OOC Area » OOC: Assault on Hoth (Starting to get a bit ridiculous)
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